After my longest time off the bike in about 18 months (ten days), I finally broke the 2,000 mile barrier on a humble 13.5 mile ride after work.  I can’t say I had any great epiphanies as I reached the milestone.  Truth be told, Mile #2,000 was very similar to Miles 0-1,999.  At least I set a good pace of 17.8 mph.

It was good to be back on the bike after the layoff and the relatively cool temperature of 80 degrees was quite pleasant as well.  There’s only 17 days until my next century.  I’d better start getting some miles in or that event could become far more interesting than I would have hoped!


8 thoughts on “Finally

  1. You make an astute observation that mile #2000 was really no different than the previous 1,999. As noted in other blogs, this bike thing that we all enjoy is mainly about just showing up and doing it. Which reminds me of many other things in life.

    Thanks for relating this milestone to us. You inspire me to keep on. I currently sit at 1,620+. Best of luck on the Continuation.

  2. I do like it when you talk about cool temperature of 8o degrees. It rarely gets that hot here, and when it does, like earlier this week, its what everyone talks about “Isn’t it hot” and it makes the national news. Please dont rub it in.

    • All things are relative, I guess. 80 degrees is about 20 degrees cooler than the past few weeks, so that was quite lovely. When I visited London last week, I took a morning jog where I actually wore a LONG SLEEVE SHIRT – I had to dig deep into my wardrobe to find one of those!

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