Getting Ready For The Reston Century

If resting is a good prep for a century, then I should be all set.  Work and family duties have kept me off the bike all week.  I’ve managed to retape my handlebars and buy some energy food.  Apart from that, there’s not been much prep work, I’m afraid.

As always, I was keen to learn of the route I would be traveling.  The ride doesn’t offer that information in advance, so some detective work was required.  I found the above route on MapMyRide under the encouraging name of “Reston Century 2010 Long.”  It seems like the right route, since it starts in Reston Town Center and uses the W&OD Trail, which I know to be the case for the first part of the course.

It should be in the low 70s when we start at 7:30 AM.  Humidity should be high as afternoon thunderstorms are possible (60% chance).  When I finish up at around 2:30, it should be near 90 degrees.  Drink, drink, drink!

There are three Category 5 climbs.  These are the least significant climbs, but I believe any hill worthy of being put into a category merits my attention.  Two of them are worryingly close together, near the halfway point.  I’m pretty sure I will have something to write about those on Sunday evening!

The ride won’t have a mass start, probably because the trail is so narrow and they would prefer avoiding a traffic jam at the start.  The ride has mailed me an advance packet which contains a colored band to put around my wrist and two $10 coupons at local bike stores (neat!).  Supposedly, I just show up, present my bracelet, pick up my cue sheets, and I’m on my way.  Upon my return, I will get my ride T-Shirt and enjoy a meal at the post-ride party.

Until then, adios and good pedaling to you!



14 thoughts on “Getting Ready For The Reston Century

    • Before I took up cycling again in 2010, I was on a four year taper after retiring from the military. It was a great run, but my expanding waistline informed me it had to come to an end. I’m sure the Cat 5’s aren’t even worthy of being a foothill for Alpe d’Huez, so we shall see how much they can take out of me.

    • That’s my plan, Tom – eat plenty and take it slow until I’m past the two big hills at the midpoint. Having said that, the chances are even that I will find myself throwing the plan out the window and grabbing onto a paceline! 🙂

  1. Good luck although luck isnt really needed its good legs.. hope they see you through, I am sure they will. Looking forward to the report afterwards..

  2. Waiting to hear how it turned out. The odometer has ticked over by 100+miles so I know you did finish it 🙂

    My first sportive, a 100km ride around Cotswalds, was good. Enough to keep me just about 12 miles ahead of your week’s total 😉

  3. I find that I can think of great lines, interesting insights, and funny anecdotes as I’m riding along, but when I get back to the keyboard, a lot of it has drained away.

  4. So how’d it go? I was pleased to see Mountain Rd back on the loop and I don’t miss the repated rollers on Snickersville Pike that were not on the 2011 route. I do kinda miss the 2 big Taylorstown & Stumptown Rd climbs NE of Waterford – this is the 1st year I have not done them since I started riding the full century. The flatter terrain and some encouragement from the storm that rolled thru helped for a fast (for me) ride. And I’m glad when the storm caught me, I was a few miles from the finish, not on the west side of Clarke’s Gap!

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