Good Luck, Cherri!

Remember Cherri?  She’s the very nice lady who set off for Alaska this Spring.  She made it to Minot, North Dakota, when a once-in-a-century flood evacuated the entire region and she was forced to abandon her tour.

Normally, that would be the end of things.  There is certainly no shame in cycling half way across a continent and finally being forced to turn back.  Truth be told, there is actually a tremendous amount to be proud of in that effort.  As for myself, I would have returned home and immediately began bragging to anybody who would listen to me for the rest of my days.

Not Cherri.  Tomorrow, she and her husband are getting on a plane and flying to Seattle, where she will resume her quest to bicycle to Alaska.  I am thoroughly impressed and wish her only the very best.  You may think Alaska is just around the corner from Seattle.  You would be wrong.  It’s about 2,300 miles away – a distance I will be pondering as I complete my measly century ride tomorrow.

Good luck, Cherri!


One thought on “Good Luck, Cherri!

  1. Yes, there is a little something called ‘Canada’ in between Seattle and Alaska – that’s some ride. I hope she is dressing warmly; she’ll be into deep fall by the time she arrives. Good luck Cherri, and don’t forget your bear bell!

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