Enjoy the sun, Southern Hemisphere. Please return it in six months in good working order.

After fifteen days of hauling, splitting, sorting, and stacking wood, my chores were complete and I was ready for an after-work ride.  I was initially concerned that my longest time off the bike would be extended by rain, but the morning showers gave way to late afternoon sun and I was able to pedal down Rte 234 and visit my old haunts.

I am pleased to report everything is where I left it two weeks ago.  The county landfill is doing plenty of business, and I can personally attest to the large branch/tree area working very well.  Parson’s Garden Center is still open, with Old Glory flying in their entrance way.  Even the Handmade Tattoo Parlor and Psychic shop was doing well, with the typical collection of motorcycles parked out front.

All was well.

On my way back, I stopped by Woodbine Cemetery and Worship Center and pondered the history of the place.  It is clearly an older building and cemetery and the nearby Woodbine Preschool and Woodbine Shopping Center suggest that this was once a center of activity.  Today, there is no trace of its heritage – not even a historical marker – and the internet was surprisingly unhelpful as well.

I took a small detour onto Bristow Road and checked on  Crosby’s Crab Company, which was also doing just fine in my absence.  Quite often, this place greets me on an early weekend morning with the smell of cooking fish.  Today, there was no such odor and I happily pedaled onward.

I did notice one change over the past two weeks:  the temperature is cooler and the sun is setting sooner.  I did a considerable amount of complaining last Winter and I have no doubt this Winter will be no different, so let me take a moment to state how very much I enjoyed the sun’s company over the past six months and here’s hoping I can steal a few more hot days before succumbing to long sleeves, feet warmers, full-fingered gloves and frozen water bottles.

And here’s hoping my next two-week hiatus from cycling is a long way off!


11 thoughts on “Enjoy the sun, Southern Hemisphere. Please return it in six months in good working order.

  1. The approach of winter concerns me alot, I, had bad falls from the bike because of ice and won’t risk cycling when snow or ice is about. The result is no cycling, which I find very frustrating indeed. I have a cycle trainer that I can set my bike up on, but it is so boring pedalling away in the one spot.

  2. Sun for six months? That would be a real treat. We had one month this summer. I have every sympathy with welshcyclist as I fell off on the ice last year and I can’t bring myself to love the old trainer in the garage either.

    Your log pile must be enormous.

    • Let me remind you of your glorious Spring, which had me reading with envy this March and April. As for the log pile, it is quite large. It’s stacked in two rows, waist-high, for about 100 feet. As it was, I still had about three tons I couldn’t use. I hauled that to the county landfill in my truck in six trips. Good times.

  3. In a totally unrelated matter, but nowhere else to put it, I see that the World Cycling Championships are going to be held in Richmond, Virginia in 2015. Time to get training I think young man !!

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