Nice and Easy

After an eight mile run yesterday, I was looking for a nice, easy ride out to the country and back.  I wanted to go for an easy spin that would help work out the kinks and make it easier to not look gimpy when I walked.  I resolved to keep my heart rate down as low as possible and just take a leisurely ride.  Mission accomplished.

I also was hoping to stop an incessant clicking noise coming from the Trek’s crank through the liberal application of WD-40.  Other than a flat tire, I can not think of anything more annoying than a repetitive noise coming from your bike.  This one had been plaguing me for a few weeks.  Again, mission accomplished.

I went on one of my favorite routes, a 33 mile trip that takes me onto Carriage Ford and Hazelwood roads.  I stopped at one of my favorite sites, a small house with dozens of lawn statues in the yard.  The owner even has a few bicycles displayed.  Very interesting.  The private property notices take away from the effect, in my opinion.  Apparently, the owner has had a bit of a problem with thieves.  That’s unfortunate because little slices of Americana like this should be allowed to flourish.  This sort of display would not be possible where I live.  The offender would be hauled in front of the Home Owners’ Association Tribunal and given an appropriate number of lashes for such a grievous violation of the HOA Bylaws.

Across the street from this house was a bull.  He was enjoying a midday meal of grass, which I suspect is actually an “all day meal.”  You don’t see many bulls around here and you can tell he is valuable because his owner has branded him.  Bull #360 of the Circle H Ranch wasn’t terribly interested in me, no matter what ridiculous noises I made, so I gave up trying to get him to look at me.  In the top left corner of the bull picture is an odd-looking house, about 20 times the size of the one mentioned earlier.  There are plenty of “McMansions” around here, but this one has an odd appearance to it – at least it does to me.

As you can see from the pictures, the day was hardly ideal.  I contended with drizzle much of the ride, but it never was so bad that road spray became an issue.  When I returned home, I plugged my Garmin into my computer and was pleasantly surprised to see my average heart rate was a paltry 125, which is solidly in Heart Zone 2 for me.  I don’t recall ever having a heart rate so low and frankly didn’t think it was possible for me to keep it below Zone 3.  I should know better than to underestimate my ability to NOT do work.  I was pleased to reach a new “low” and I think it’s exactly the sort of recovery ride I was looking for.


6 thoughts on “Nice and Easy

    • I do like touring more than racing and I’m generally interested in seeing things during my rides, not just covering the miles. Unlike you, however, my “tours” are completed by sundown!

  1. Glad to hear that you are able to run. As far as cycling gently goes, I am an expert.
    You are right about the house, it does look odd. We have incongruous new houses like that sprouting up round us.

  2. Hey Steve,
    I’m going to be working at Quantico starting this Monday the 31st for two weeks. I’ll be bringing my bike and staying at the Hampton Inn in Dumprhries. Can you recommend a good 25 mile route? Also, if you are going to be doing a ride on Sat., can you let me know. Thanks. Roger Beck

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