Davis Ford


Fall landscaping

Fall has arrived in my neck of the woods and Sunday was a perfect day – Sunny and mild.  I waited until after lunch for the temperature to warm a bit (and for the Redskins fans to get off the roads) and struck out for Davis Ford.  The route is a pleasant 25.5 miles.  I remember this as being one of the first “long” rides I conducted in 2010.  At the time, it was quite an adventure.  Since my hybrid had only one water bottle, I carried extra fluids (and an energy bar) in my Camelbak.  I remember being intimidated by riding on a road with little/no shoulder as cars whizzed by me.  Yesterday, it was just a pleasant ride.

The view from the bridge

The way home

I have always wondered who Davis Ford is named after.  Sadly, there is little available at the location or online to offer an explanation.  Nearby Yates Ford has been around as far back as 1716 (although the exact location appears to have moved a bit over the years).  While Yates Ford spans the Occoquan Creek, Davis Ford merely covers a tributary and thus isn’t worthy of much discussion in the local histories.

I’m not sure how many more nice days we’ll get, so I was grateful for the day.  I am preparing for the onset of Winter and received some cold weather kit in the mail earlier this week.  Here’s hoping I go a while longer before using it.  I remain hopeful of reaching 3,000 miles for the season and the less rain/snow we have, the better.

First-ever use of the Balance-Your-Pedal-Against-The-Curb photo technique.


6 thoughts on “Davis Ford

  1. It’s good to look back and see how one has progressed. Last year, the cold weather cycling was challenging for me but I kept to it. I can almost hear Winter tip-toeing up behind me…

    • Clearly they are the class of the field, worthy of our emulation! I’m pretty sure I’ll reach the mileage goal. If I get within a couple hundred miles by mid-December, that just means two centuries in back to back weekends. In December. That should be a good story!

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