Fall Fashions

Another nice fall day greeted me today and I enjoyed it while zipping along a 33 mile route through the countryside near Brentsville.  I got a late start and it was necessary to turn my lights on during the last ten miles as the sun began to set.

The only item of interest occurred early on as I passed a lady and her son, who were enjoying an afternoon pedal.  They were both casual cyclists, puttering along on department store bicycles and street clothes.  I slowed to pass and (as is my custom when passing any kid on a bike) said to the boy, “That’s a great bike!”

The boy – who was about ten years old – looked at me and his eyes grew wide.  He briefly tried to keep up with me on his small mountain bike and I slowed down to make it a bit of a contest.  After a few yards, he said with great admiration, “Your clothes are cool!

So there you have it – I am now officially part of the cool cycling community.  As a person who has catalogued the numerous ways in which he is not cool (please see the category section on the right of this blog), this was quite a occassion.  I may only impress the younger cyclists, but it is a start.  One can only imagine where this sort of momentum might take me.

And no, I won’t be shaving my legs anytime soon.

How to dress impressively to the younger set


10 thoughts on “Fall Fashions

  1. Well in that case I too must be cool to the average 10 year old. My wife usually says “your not going out looking like that are you” but its all about opinions. In reply to my earlier comment on your site about Towton Moor. You asked if there is anything else there other than the cross. Well not really, if it wasn’t for the cross you wouldn’t know anything had ever happened there. Sorry for the delay in replying I’ve been away in Greeece for the last 5 days.

  2. I find it amusing that my cycling “style” is still enough to embarrass my 24 year old son around his friends. All I’ve gotta do is walk by wearing cycling clothes. So I do it every chance I get.

  3. Guess I must be cool too, glad to see the old “Ground Control To Major Tom” look is still in accross the pond! Just stumbled accross your blog as a newbie to the cycle blogging world! A great read and loads of info.

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