Spare Inner Tubes

A Sign Of Trouble: the Finish symbol isn't near the Start symbol


Remember how the valve stem on my rear tire snapped off in my hand and I needed to make a quick repair before my ride with Roger?  Well, I used my last spare inner tube to get me on my way.  This meant that I had no spare tube when I left for a quick pedal this morning.

Never ride without a spare tube.

To do so is an affront to karma and the Cycling Gods, who will smite you for your hubris.  My punishment was administered five miles from home in the form of a moderately sized rock which I did not see while zipping along at 25 mph.  Fortunately for me, my sainted wife was available to pick me up.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the bike shop to buy some inner tubes.


8 thoughts on “Spare Inner Tubes

  1. Ah! Steve….I have done this too. Only commuted to work once this year (back in the spring) without a spare tube or pump, and that was the time I got a puncture. My wife, bless her, also made the journey out to get me, but it involved rush hour traffic. Let’s just say I was not flavour of the month, nor did I deserve to be. Daft oversight, and one that I won’t be making again!

  2. That’s a pain. Earlier this summer I mistakenly was carrying a spare schrader valve tube while riding a bike with presta rims. Of course, I got a flat and discovered my spare tube was useless.

    Those litttle packs of self-adhesive patches are handy to have for an emergency repair. The one I’ve been carrying (since the aformentioned flat) has about 6 patches and is in a tiny and convenient case.

    • I haven’t had much luck with patching tires over the years. I have no doubt that the kits work – I’ve even read stories of people using dollar bills and duct tape in extremis – but I can’t seem to get the hang of it.

  3. I need to be more careful because my wife doesn’t drive and we don’t have a car even if she did. I often forget my tire levers, which might be important pieces of equipment for changing a tire, I’m guessing.

    Consider yourself fortunate to have a sainted wife with wheels (as I’m sure you do)!

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