Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  If you are reading this outside of America in a country that has already had it’s Thanksgiving (I’m looking at you, Canada), then I apologize for my lateness.  If you are in a country where you don’t have a holiday whose sole purpose is to stuff yourself with food until you fall asleep watching sporting events, then you really should look into doing something like this.

In addition to gluttony, Thanksgiving gives us an opportunity to pause and reflect on those things in our lives which we are thankful for.  This is such an obvious blog topic that failing to mention it amounts to blogger negligence, and we can’t have that, can we?  And when you have been blogging for more than one year, you get to repeat stuff you did the previous year and claim it to be an annual tradition.  It is in that spirit which I proudly present to you my 2nd Annual List Of (Cycling) Things I Am Thankful For!

Bontrager Hardcase Lite Tires, which (almost) completely eliminated my chronic flat tire problem.  I had only one flat from February to October and that was due to my riding over a small rock at 25mph.  Not exactly the fault of the tire!

Smooth Roads, Wide Shoulders, and Courteous Drivers.  Whenever I come across any of these, it’s always a very nice experience.  I spend a fair amount of time grousing over lousy roads and motorists and should acknowledge they are the exception, not the rule.

Organized Variety.  The area where I live offers plenty of unique organized rides, including the Vasaloppet (with blueberry soup), Crystal City Challenge (with criterium-like fun), and many centuries.  I sampled two of them – the Cap2Cap and the Reston Century – and both were great.  Here’s hoping for more unique events in 2012.  I understand Virginia is now hosting Gran Fondos.  Something to consider for next year.

Cycling In Far Off Places.  I had the opportunity to cycle in Tampa, England, and Virginia Beach, which were excellent additions to my 2010 trip to Australia.  I’ve been very fortunate these past 18 months.  Seeing very different places by bicycle was a great experience!

Garneau Shoe Covers.  Cold feet on a bike are something to be avoided at all costs.  After a miserable winter last year, these seem to be doing much better.  Thank you, Garneau!

Garmin GPS.  It works like a champ and gives me no end of interesting data to fiddle with during and after the event.  Months after a ride, I can pull up the map and associated data and reminisce.  Very cool.

Blogosphere Friends.  I’ve learned an incredible amount, enjoyed reading of your victories and occasional setbacks, and have had the good fortune of meeting two of you in person.  Starting this blog was one of the best cycling decisions I’ve made.

and, as always…

My Wife, who does not cycle but continues to inspire me with her fantastic progress as a runner.  She always encourages me, never begrudges the time I need to ride or maintain my bike and never questions the expenses associated with my growing collection of cycling gear.  Extremely cool!


8 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you have sufficiently feasted. A harvest holiday in November would be rather silly here in Canada. It was -25C this weekend. I think you have a good thing going here with your Thanksgiving cycling list .

  2. Got myself some winter shoe covers the other day, but can’t say I’m thankful yet since the cold weather hasn’t come. I am however thankful for your entertaining and well-written articles! Happy Thanksgiving.

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