A Group Project

I have an idea for an interesting blog post, but I can’t do it without your help.  This will require audience participation.

The good news is that each person’s contribution will be fairly simple.  Here’s what I’m asking you to do.

1.  Get on your bike this weekend.

2.  Take a picture.

3.  Email the picture to me at martinsj2@comcast.net with any additional information you care to provide (where you/your bike is at, what you/your bike are doing, etc…)

I will then carefully post each and every one of your photos along with a thoughtfully worded description of them in one of the most amazing, thrilling, and comprehensive depictions of cycling across the world on a given weekend!

Now isn’t that interesting?  Doesn’t that sound like something you would LOVE to be a part of?  Of course it does!

While interesting rides are always interesting, you don’t have to be doing anything spectacular.  Heck, you don’t need to be doing anything AT ALL.  You can wander into your garage, take a pic of your bike, and send it my way.  If that’s what you were doing, then so be it!  If your bike is in the shop for maintenance, take a pic.  If it’s disassembled on your work bench, take a pic.  If it’s put in storage for the winter…  you get the idea.

If we all get behind this, then we may have a very interesting compilation of bikes/cyclists in all sorts of places and situations at more or less the same time.  It will be a worldwide snapshot of cycling activities that you will remember for ages to come, or at least a few days.  Otherwise, you’ll just get another blog post by me, complaining about the weather or ruminating about a mechanical issue – the usual stuff you’ve come to expect in this space.

I’m counting you.  Please don’t let me down!


19 thoughts on “A Group Project

  1. As an Ohioan, I’m working in Jacksonville right now at the naval base, and sorry to say the weather is great (just did a great night ride, warm and the moon was out) so I’ll definitely do this.

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