This Is Certainly Awkward

Matt over at Barn Door Cycling has hit upon the great idea of announcing end of year awards for his blog.  I am pleased to report that There And Back Again is the proud recipient of the Barn Door Cycling 2011 Blog of the Year!  Naturally I am honored and humbled by such a distinction.

And this presents a dilemma.

Most loyal readers will know that I spend a fair amount of time in this space mocking myself with self-important drivel, such as, “as you all know, I am an important and influential blogger.”  So this sort of award should play right into this schtick, right?  I should be reveling in this announcement with large, animating gifs and perhaps some trumpet music that plays when you first click onto the site to announce yet another major achievement of this mighty force in the cycling world.

Wrong.  You see, the award was given on the basis that this blog is NOT self-important.  Specifically,

“We live in a world full of self centered prima donas, myself included and the internet is the perfect place to show the world how awesome we all are.  Steve instead allowed the world to show how awesome it is.”

Words like that certainly make it difficult for me to blow my own horn and brag about my award, which would be my normal response.  I have reflected for several days on the best approach to this delicate situation.  It would probably be best to not even mention the award.  That’s what a humble person would do.  But I’m not going to do that.  Despite Matt’s suggestion to the contrary, I have decided to embrace this award to the greatest extent possible and will hereafter describe myself as an extremely important, influential, AND AWARD-WINNING, blogger.  To do anything less would be an injustice to the bloviating style that I have carefully cultivated for 18 months.  I shall add this award to the right side of the screen, where it shall be proudly displayed for all to see.

I’m working on the trumpet music.

Kidding aside, this is a very nice complement from Matt and I can only assume that he gave the award to me because he has exempted his own blog from consideration.  That and the fact that he doesn’t read many blogs.  Of course, the bribe money I’ve been sending him for the past few months may have had an effect as well.  🙂


16 thoughts on “This Is Certainly Awkward

  1. Well done. Were there tears? And a credit to the team behind you without whom etc etc?

    You write well, you make the stuff you write about interesting, what reader could ask for anything more?

    • I’m thinking we can try this again in the summer when more folks are out there. It seems you’re always on your bike, so this must have been one of those freak moments when you weren’t!

  2. Congrats Steve! Very well deserved, and I would milk this title for everything you got mate! You never know how long it’s going to be until the next award!

  3. Good things come to good people. After riding with you, I know the later is true so I knew the second would follow. By the way, since we’ve cycled Virginia, I’ve ridden on the Great Lakes Naval Station, Jacksonville Naval Air Station, and the Mayport Florida Naval Station. The trek continues as I’m going to Corpus Christi. Thanks for the blog. I thought a day of cycling was great.

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