Christmas Light Hunt

Last night was the 2nd Annual Christmas Light Hunt, in which I pedal about the neighborhood looking to take pictures of lights on houses.  Ride membership remained steady, with one person participating. Unlike last year, when temperatures were below freezing and snow/ice were a factor, this year was extremely mild.  It’s nice not having to avoid black ice while cruising in the dark.  While there was no ice, I did add a degree of difficulty by bringing a camera tripod with me, in order to improve the quality of the photography and thus enhance the viewing experience for you, Dear Reader.  If there is a simple way to ride a bike while holding a camera tripod, I didn’t discover it last night.

There were many excellent displays this season, perhaps because the warmer weather allowed more people to get extravagant.  Whatever the reason, I took so many pictures that I decided to create my first-ever Christmas Light Video!



27 thoughts on “Christmas Light Hunt

  1. While Pam and I were out running this morning, I made an observation. I don’t do that very often, so I thought I would mention it to her.

    Anyway, our humble little abode is smack next to a “fancy neighborhood”. Two years ago, probably 40 percent of the houses in “fancy park” were adorned with professionally installed Christmas decorations. This year, not so. We ran 5 k and didn’t see a single house with professional decorations, and very few with any lights at all.

    Must be the economy…..glad you were able to find some.

    • Very interesting. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen professionally-installed decorations. Then again, I’ve probably passed right by them and not realized it.

  2. Worth taking the tripod out in my opinion. Excellent pictures. Very nice slide show. But, blimey, what a lot of conspicuous consumption. Literally, money to burn. Happy Christmas Steve, I am very pleased to have made your virtual acquaintance. Your posts always brighten my day without any fancy lights.

    • Happy Christmas as well to you and Mrs. Tootlepedal. I look forward to another interesting year of reports from Langholm. Americans have a hard time with understatement and nuance. This is true for Christmas decorations as well.

    • It was definitely a good night. You can always venture on your own if you’re up to it later this season. Although there is less fellowship, solitude offers its own rewards on a peaceful evening.

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  4. I would have liked to see a bike or related items in the videos, or maybe on the move with a mounted helmet cam.

    Very suburban. perhaps some drive-by movies on the south side next time.

    • Merry Christmas, Dave. I had some bikes in last year’s montage but opted to leave it out this year. Now that I know my public demands it, I shall make the correction in 2012! One of these days I’ll put some video together.

    • I regret that I have yet to have the pleasure of meeting Mr. Tootlepedal in person, although I have thoroughly enjoyed his blog for many months. Please convince him to make a photo book. His photography is superb.

  5. Good work in producing an entertaining video. I am a fellow watcher of Mr. Tootlepedal’s blog and enjoy your comments. I am a relatively near neighbour of yours, we live in Eastern Ontario,
    Merry Christmas!

    • Merry Christmas, Joyce! My mother was born in Toronto and I have an uncle who lives in Montreal. I also spent four years very close to Eastern Ontario when I was stationed at Fort Drum, NY. We’re almost family!

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