Gloom Period

At my alma mater, the time immediately after the holidays was known as “Gloom Period.”  Everyone had to return from their holiday vacation and settle back into reality, which meant lots of studying, marching, and being cold – usually under gray skies while living and working in gray buildings while wearing gray uniforms.

It was pretty dreary.

This weekend’s cold weather broke up an otherwise mild winter. With a little luck, it will be the closest thing to a Gloom Period I experience this year.  In an attempt to capture the spirit of this period, I have presented pictures from today’s ride in black and white.

During Gloom Period, it’s always nice to visit spots that remind you of the warm months ahead.  I therefore stopped by Pfitzner Stadium, home of the Potomac Nationals baseball club.  The “P-Nats” play in the Class A Carolina League and their stadium seats 6,000 people.  It’s generally regarded as one of the worst stadiums in the league.  Fun Fact:  Washington Nationals phenom Bryce Harper skipped Potomac on his was up to Class AAA because management was concerned he would injure himself on the poorly maintained field.

Close to the stadium, I came upon this small family cemetery.  These small plots harken back to a day when this area was very rural.  As urban sprawl has taken over, these small cemeteries dot the landscape, sometimes in the strangest of locations (like the one in front of a nearby Ikea furniture store).  I hope Mr. Metherell (deceased, 1947) does not mind his once-secluded resting place is now 50 feet from the Prince William County Parkway.

About a half mile down the road from the cemetery is this rather handsome piece of architecture.  Quite impressive for a medical clinic, especially when one considers the nice landscaping touch.

On my way home, it occurred to me that all my action pictures were of my front wheel.  This hardly seems fair, as it is my rear wheel that does most of the work.  In an attempt to give my rear wheel its due, I present the below photo.


14 thoughts on “Gloom Period

    • You’re very kind. Truth be told, it’s not terribly gloomy out and this is one of the mildest winters we’ve seen in years. However, the temperature dipped dramatically this weekend, giving me cause to reflect on the more challenging winters of my past.

  1. Steve,

    What kind of camera do you use? I’d like something newer and smaller than what I have now that can be stowed in a jersey pocket.

    • A cheap one. It’s a simple camera that is relatively flat with a 5x digital zoom. I’ll look up the exact name and model when I get home tonight.

      UPDATE: It’s a Casio Exilim. It’s small and fits easily into my jersey pocket. It is a 14.1 megapixel camera. Not bad for basic photography. I’ve just picked up a 4G phone with camera with 8 megapixels so I’ll be testing that as well.

  2. Interestingly, B&W photos probably make the gloom look better than color. And nice rear drop shot of the back wheel, too. Yet anther angle I’ve learned from you. If I survive it, you might see one from me soon!

    • I was waiting for the wisecrack about the rear cassette belying the fact that I was in a very low gear. I keep my speeds at or below 10 mph when attempting these shots!

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