My Brush With Greatness

I regularly tell people I am an extremely important, influential, and award-winning blogger.  Sometimes, I get the sense that they are not overly impressed with this assertion.  You may find this odd, but some of them give me the distinct impression that they don’t entirely believe me.

Well, today’s events should permanently close the matter.

There I was, minding my own business and looking for ways to avoid work, when I noticed a new post in the comments section for my recent review of Fatty’s book.  Imagine my surprise when I saw that the commenter was none other than Fatty himself!

It was quite nice for Fatty to stop by and sign the old “guest book,” as it were.  But then he did something else; he tweeted the link to this humble blog.  With only eleven hours left in the day, this blog’s traffic exploded by 500% over a normal daily total and more than doubled its all-time record for page visits in a single day.  When I mentioned that Team Fatty was everywhere, I wasn’t kidding.

So there you have it – an internationally famous cyclist/author/philanthropist who regularly hobnobs with with likes of Lance Armstrong and Levi Leipheimer has taken time out of his day to chat in this corner of the blogosphere.  Very cool. 

I promise I will only use my super powers for good.

And thanks to Fizzhogg for sending the link to Fatty.  He is the one with real power and influence!


16 thoughts on “My Brush With Greatness

  1. I hope you remember the little people when you hit the big blog time, Steve. OK, what I really mean is that I hope you remember me! Nice going on all those visits. I’m sure it’ll translate into more loyal readers.

    • I can only imagine the new profits this will generate. My financial advisor (aka “my wife”) remains skeptical that an unsponsored site which does not charge for any access will generate a profit. I’ll show her!

    • As I mention above, I do not (yet) have any wealth to share. But if you’re looking for site visits, I shall happily request my vast audience to come to your site…


      That should do it.

  2. My forehead is getting worn out on the carpet bowing before your greatness. I hope you keep all your readers. I once got over 1000 hits one day when WordPress put me on their freshly pressed list but it was back down to 17 by the very next day.

    • I have never, not once, been featured by WordPress. My posts are not even featured in their “Blogs About Cycling” page, although they used to be. I’m not sure who I need to bribe to get into that select group.

      As for keeping my readership, I fear not. My experience seems to be similar to yours and today’s views are back to their normal levels. Building a multinational media empire is proving to be more difficult than it seemed to be at first.

  3. Congratulations on your increased fame Steve, its only right your blogging talent should be rewarded by all these plaudits.. well done buddy.. 🙂

    • Thank you, kind sir. It’s no big deal – just write a positive review, then be pleasantly surprised when your internet buddy sends the link to the author. The rest takes care of itself!

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