The First Day Of Spring

As predicted, the weather for the first “official” day of Spring was fantastic and demanded a ride.  This year’s event was made more special with the maiden voyage of my wife’s new bike, a Fuji Absolute 1.0.

Picking up the bike last month

We bought the Absolute several weeks ago at Big Wheels bike shop in Alexandria.  My wife hadn’t ridden it yet because she is a normal person and hasn’t (yet) been convinced that riding in temperatures below 60 degrees is enjoyable.  So she bided her time and this afternoon provided the perfect opportunity to take it out for a spin.

The Absolute is technically a hybrid bike, but it is basically an entry-level road bike with flat handlebars, a triple crank (normally found on hybrids and mountain bikes to make hill climbing easier), and a rack over the back wheel for putting stuff.  The shifter is a Shimano 105 series, just like what I have on my fancy-pants Madone.  The tires are 28cm, just a tick wider than the 23mm version one normally finds on a road bike.  My wife noted that she often has back problems while riding bikes and the dealer threw in a stem raiser for free, which moved the handlebars up a couple of inches.  Nice.

You can't get companionship like this when riding solo

In memory of my first bike ride on my hybrid in March, 2010, we took the same route – a 13.6 mile course out to the county land fill and back.  Despite a stop for taking off her hoodie and for me to deal with a thrown chain, we bested the time I made on that fateful ride two years ago.  This is all the more impressive since this was her second workout of the day; she went on a five-mile jog in the morning.

Despite the relatively short length, we got to experience most aspects of any bicycle ride.  We dodged pedestrians, joggers and fellow cyclists.  We discussed traffic.  We climbed some hills and flew down the other side of them.  We even had a mechanical (my chain derailment).  All in all, it was a great first ride and I’m hoping for many more to come.

A proud cyclist and her bike


18 thoughts on “The First Day Of Spring

  1. It’s a beautiful day here in Toronto as well! Glad you guys were out biking & catching some rays. It’ll only be a matter of time before your wife gets hooked to biking & switches out the platforms!

    • Be careful or your aquatic friends will call you a landlubber. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. I’ve made a great many mistakes and there’s no sense in you making the same ones!

  2. Congrats on your first bike ride out together…

    …and looking at her, I think you should prepare yourself to soon get beaten by her not just running but cycling as well!

    Interestingly, my fiance went mountain biking today in Peru and decided that she prefers riding on the road. She already has her eyes on a 2011 Madone 3.1(!). So, I too am now preparing myself to accept the reality of soon getting dropped by her on every hill.

    • If she put her mind to it, there’s no doubt that you would be right. Fortunately, she’s signed up for a half marathon then a full marathon in the fall. That should be keeping her busy!

    • Only the very best from Nashbar!

      My thoughts exactly on the thrown chain. I believe it was operator error due to the fact I was spending too much time worrying about my wife’s shifting and not enough time on my own.

    • Thanks, James. My wife says she won’t be doing a century. Of course, three years ago she told me that running wasn’t for her and six months ago she told me she would never run a marathon. She is now registered for the Marine Corps Marathon this October.

  3. She just needs to work on a little bit more of a respectful attitude to being photographed to make her the perfect cycling partner.

    A temperature of over 60 degrees, one can dream I suppose.

    • There are several photographs of her smiling lovingly at me. I naturally displayed the one that was the most scandalous.

      Based on the quality of your local fauna, it appears Spring is on the way for you as well!

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