Loose Ends

All is well with my post-ride recovery.  I only got on the bike today after four days off but this was due to personal obligations, not any debilitating effects of the ride.  I could have gone on a short spin as early as the next day, which was a bit surprising to me.

On the off chance you did not get enough information on last weekend’s Wilderness Campaign brevet, the good people at DC Randonneurs have compiled a few other reports from riders, including John’s (whose “first-timer” perspective is much like mine) and David’s (who is far more experienced and helps explain why I could never catch that lead group after they broke away from me).  There are also some prolific photographers and you can find their Flickr pages here and here.  I’ve grabbed some of the highlites (including some rare photos taken of Yours Truly by a camera not held in my hand) and put them in the slide show below.

Also, this corner of the blogosphere passed a significant milestone today when it entertained its 50,000th Page View!!!   I wish I had a nice prize for Visitor #50,000 but my operating budget does not permit such lavishness.  A “thank you” for your continued interest will have to suffice.

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6 thoughts on “Loose Ends

    • I’m actually a little puzzled by it. When I ran a marathon (a long time ago), I was a physical wreck for about a week. The day after, I had difficulty walking down stairs. Clearly, endurance cycling has a different impact, or possibly I was better prepared for this event. Everybody told me the key was eating and drinking and I believe they were correct.

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