Stuff I Didn’t Do

It wasn’t a great weekend for cycling, I’m afraid.  Oh, I could have headed out into the elements and proved my dedication, but I just didn’t quite have the motivation to do so.  The most interesting cycling-related thing I did was buy a copy of Bicycle Times magazine when I noticed the cover story was an explanation of randonneuring.

To make matters worse, yesterday was my birthday.  Unwritten cycling dictums require that I ride a number of miles equal to my age on my birthday.  Instead, after coming home from work, I edged the lawn then mowed it.  Not very inspiring nor interesting, I’m afraid, and not the least bit cycling related.

There was plenty of interesting things going on this past week, none of which I did.  Most significant was the National Bike Summit, an annual convention where cycling advocates are unleashed on Congress to lobby for cycling projects.  The event draws a slew of the famous and semi-famous, such as cyclocross great Tim Johnson, who pedaled from Boston to DC to raise awareness of the event.  Gary Fisher, one of the inventors of the mountain bike, was in town and went for a ride with Revolution Cycles and anyone else who cared to stop by.  Even BikeSnobNYC dropped in to sign copies of his book and go for a ride.  Porta-John was able to participate in this event, so you can actually read a first-hand account by a real-live blogger.  The summit concluded with the annual Congressional Bicycle Ride.  This year’s ride was held in honor of Representative Gabrielle Giffords, a member of the Congressional Bike Caucus (I had no idea there was such a thing), and in memory of the Tuscon shooting victims.

I went to none of these events.

Meanwhile, the Cherry Blossoms were in full bloom, giving the city an amazing Spring-like look.  Chasing Mailboxes swings by every year and she made her trip late in the week.  The weekend rains and high winds on Monday have done their worst and the blooms are nowhere near as glorious as they were just a few days ago.  Had the weather been nice, my wife and I planned on visiting this weekend.  It wasn’t, so we didn’t.

Today I did manage to once again head out for a trip after work, a 22-mile trek that featured all manner of walkers and joggers, most with iPods and most oblivious to my existence.  Summer is definitely coming.


15 thoughts on “Stuff I Didn’t Do

  1. I was in the Clarendon Revolution Cycles on Thursday buying a new pair of gloves and Gary Fisher wandered in. He was lost and found his way to the wrong store. The sales guy helping me totally geeked out when Fisher walked in but wasn’t going to stop helping me to go across the store to say hi. I told him I really needed him to show me some water bottle cages since they were over by the counter where Fisher was standing. We got to say hi before he headed out to catch the ride. His purple blazer was spectacular. Definitely made me feel a little better for missing all of the week’s festivities thanks to work.

    • Thanks. There are all sorts of things I don’t do and they make for much better material than the things I actually do! My inspiration is the television show, Seinfeld, in which nothing ever actually happens.

  2. Steve, it’s not often that I feel I have to take issue with any of the words of wisdom which drip from your fingers onto the keyboard but to describe edging and mowing the lawn as neither inspiring or interesting shows a lack of appreciation for the finer things of life (i.e. lawns) that is verging on the criminal. Get real, the purpose of cycling is to keep fit enough to mow the lawn.

    Happy birthday. 23 miles isn’t that far!

    • There’s nothing quite like a freshly-mowed lawn (or garden, depending on your dialect) is there? I agree 23 miles isn’t very far, sadly that distance is not sufficient even for my oldest child, let alone myself. I say this realizing I will get no sympathy from your corner of the blogosphere.

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