Signed Up For Lake Anna

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Hey, kids, if you’re going to be near Fredericksburg, VA, on April 21 and are wondering what fun can be had, consider the 1st Annual Lake Anna Century Classic.  The ride will take you around scenic Lake Anna (built in 1972 for a nuclear power plant and now also a popular recreational area) on flat roads with few cars.  Proceeds benefit Law Enforcement United, an organization which assists the families of police officers killed in the line of duty.  I’m signed up and am looking forward to seeing how long I can hang with the lead pack (Las Vegas odds put the over/under distance at 15 miles).   You need to hurry if you’re interested – registration ends April 1.

In other news, the family will be packing up the car next week and heading to one of our favorite vacation spots, Virginia Beach.  In between cook outs, games of lawn jarts (I still have a set!) and walks on the beach, I hope to get a few rides in.  I’ll be sure to regale you with fascinating stories upon my return.  Until then, toodles!


10 thoughts on “Signed Up For Lake Anna

  1. too bad the ride is far from DC. Do you know if there will be registration on the day of? It would have to be one of those last minute decisions to make it down there.

  2. If you think that a break at the beach is going to make in the slightest bit jealous, you are totally right.. Have fun Steve, looking forward to more jealousy when I read all about it later !

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