Easter Ride

Happy Easter, everybody!  Once again it was windy here today – the sort of thing that might convince me to abandon a ride.  But I had just watched a bunch of cyclists ride from Paris to Roubaix in the famed Paris-Roubaix Race (well, I watched the last 15 minutes of it) and the wind there was stiffer than here and the skies were far drearier.  Granted, those fellows were compensated for their efforts, but I was also mindful that Tuckamoredew had just pedaled to work after a snow storm.  In April.  I don’t believe anyone paid him to do that.  Properly shamed, I headed out.

In keeping with the holiday, I decided to take some pics of churches on my route around the Manassas Airport.  Truth be told, there are far more churches than I was able to stop and shoot.  So here are just a few.  Do not be alarmed by the lack of parishioners.  I rode late in the afternoon and services were long since concluded.

St. Mary's Catholic Church (Byzantine Rite), Token Valley Road

Woodbine Family Worship Center, Canova Road

Calvary Chapel of Manassas, Brentsville Road

Union Church, Bristow Road

New Hope Baptist Church, Bristow Road


16 thoughts on “Easter Ride

  1. Happy Easter! I watched a lot of that race–really enjoyable. The cobbles were fearsome! And TV coverage of bike events is getting better and better, technologically. Less dropped shots, video break-up than just a few years ago.

    • I’m not a huge fan of professional racing, although I stop by from time to time when I channel surf past an event on VS. I can’t invest the hours necessary to watch a race from start to finish. It’s not like it’s baseball or football, for Pete’s sake!

  2. I was slightly tempted to head into Georgetown for some cobbles after the race. And then I came to my senses. The wind was a bit much – there were whitecaps on the Potomac.

    • I believe it. I have no desire to ride cobblestones on a bike that I own. Every jarring bump is a potential destructive event for my precious bicycle! Now if someone were to loan me their bike…

  3. Wow. This is only a few of the churches on your ride? That is one religious area you’re pedaling in.

    Happy Easter!

    For my Easter cycling, I had dinner with Fatcyclist and ate way too much.

    • It’s also a heavily populated and diverse area, meaning you get lots of churches in lots of denominations. I didn’t even throw in the occasional synagogue, mosque, or Sikh center!

  4. Happy Easter to you and yours! Thanks for the pictures of the churches and I may try something like that myself. I think I would enjoy it more than looking at pictures of banks!!

  5. Thanks for the referring link!

    Your route reminds me of a street here in Edmonton that I refer to as “Church Street” which is likely a result of some sort of city planning in the distant past.

    • Many of the first-ever churches in my neck of the woods were multi-denominational. In other words, the Baptists, Lutherans, Episcopalians, etc… banded together and built a structure for their shared use (how they sorted out the calendar for services is anybody’s guess). Perhaps something similar happened in Edmonton, where everyone just agreed “this is the place we’ll set aside for churches.”

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