Lets Talk About Me

Fellow bloggers often ask me, “Steve, how can I increase my site’s traffic so I can be a super important and famous blogger, just like you are?”  The answer is simple, I tell these imaginary people, just mention me on your blog.

When you talk about me on your blog, I will shamelessly mention your blog on my blog.  This will send all my blog’s readership – literally more people than you can count on your hand – over to your site.  And when all these people are impressed with your poignant prose, they will tell two of their friends, who will tell two of their friends, and so on and so forth.  The mind boggles.

Take, for example, the excellent blog post recently scribed by Porta-John, where he ponders one of cycling’s deepest questions, how to compare rides done in different conditions.  Wisely, Porta-John gives me credit for inspiring his in-depth research on this subject and thus causes me to link his article to my blog.  Now, all of my readership will soon be clicking away to his site to read his thoughtful analysis.

Then there’s Andy over at Charlie Bucket Cycles.  Andy gets extra credit because he went so far as to use my name in the title of his post.  Nicely done, Andy.  Andy was responding to one of my rants  thoughtful responses in the comments section of an earlier blog post and in so doing provides some excellent advice to new cyclists.

Finally, receiving an honorable mention is The Daily Randonneur, which has recently redone the header image for their blog.  Look for the handsome fellow on the extreme left of the image.  The blog hasn’t actually written about me, but they have included my picture and I figure that is worth about 1,000 words.

So there it is, boys and girls, a simple formula for catapulting you and your blog into the stratosphere of internet notoriety.  I offer this to you free of charge and in so doing hope to avoid the unnecessary paperwork a money back guarantee would create.  Good luck!


18 thoughts on “Lets Talk About Me

  1. Hi there Steve,

    Sort of like when I mentioned what a stellar blog you write in my post about the DC VASA ride?

    I’m thinking of organizing a blog hop. Want to play?

    Your last two posts were terrific, the ride badly mismanaged, and good on you for finishing it. The cue sheet for the cyclosportif coming up here also has errors. Hmmm.

    I’m having a hard time posting comments again. We’ll see if this works.

  2. I often tell my friends about what you have been up to but that is using old fashioned verbal communication and doesn’t generate any traffic at all I’m afraid though some of them tell me that they read your posts. In fact some of them tell me that they enjoy your posts more than mine.

    • Anyone who suggests this blog is more entertaining than yours should be closely watched as they are clearly losing their grip on reality. Either that, or they simply enjoy teasing you.

    • Well, your perseverence has paid off in spades. I have given your blog a coveted position in my blogroll, tucked in nicely between Fat Cyclist and Iron Rider. Now you can sit back and watch the internet traffic rush to your doorstep in cyberspace!

  3. Yay! My traffic went from 0 to 6 in the past couple hours! Though I do wonder how many of those were me, checking on how my traffic was doing…

    Quite seriously–thanks Steve 🙂

    • This is why I don’t offer the money back guarantee – there’s always an unsatisfied customer! I shall remedy the situation the next time an opportunity presents itself.

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