Parkgate Drive

I had a pleasant bike ride today.  The weather was cloudy but there was very little wind.  The temperature was a pleasant 72 degrees.  All the energy I stored during several days of non-cycling activity paid off as I tied a personal best pace for a ride over 30 miles.  I would have broken the record, but I was plagued by pedestrians over the final two miles and an unending stream of traffic which forced me to wait for a couple of minutes to cross Spriggs Road.

On retrospect, I suppose the traffic did have an end to it, as I am sitting here telling the tale.

The ride featured a new tire for my front wheel.  It’s the Bontrager Race Lite which came stock with the Madone.  It’s nice to have a growing collection of bike parts littering my garage.  At least that’s what I tell my wife, who seems less enthused with the situation than I am.  The wheel held up just fine and I even found myself wondering if my suddenly meteoric pace of 18+ mph for much of the ride was the result of a new front tire.  I suspect it wasn’t, but it was an interesting thought to ponder.

Crockett Road and the amazingly-fast Bontrager Lite tire.

There were plenty of cyclists enjoying the day, although when I got off the heavily-trafficked Rte 234, things quieted down considerably.  I zipped along familiar roads, happy to be out and about.

Parkgate Drive

Toward the end of my ride, I thought about the first time I rode over 30 miles during this iteration of biking bliss (I had ridden farther in my youth, but that was about 20 years ago).  I was on my hybrid and the 34.6 mile circuit took me two and a half hours.  I finished today’s 35.4 mile ride 30 minutes faster.  Here’s hoping I have a similar improvement two years from now.


12 thoughts on “Parkgate Drive

    • I completely agree. It’s hard to have a “good ride” when you have a major mechanical and/or injury, and I still have enough of both to appreciate when they don’t occur!

    • The nice part about getting serious with any physical activity at the age of 46 is you can still be setting personal records at the age of 48. This is why I intend to take up roller blading when I am 90.

  1. WOW. That must be what helps me … my shaved legs! haha! I get to do it without calling attention to myself as well. hahaha. Just think about it Steve — you will be going so fast with shaved legs that no one will be able to see those blurs! 😉

    • I’ve thought this through, Shonnie. At some point I will need to stop, either to give interviews, pose for awards, or any number of other activities I would be subjected to after achieving the phenomenal results that bare legs would offer. I would then be forced to acknowledge my condition before all and be subjected to a shame I could not endure.


      • hahaha! That would probably be true. I can see how you cannot subject yourself to such utter shame and degradation. 😀

  2. Nice! We get used to the small incremental improvements and sometimes forget the huge gains over time. That has to feel fantastic — quite an accomplishment!

    Note to self: pick a few varied routes to track over time.

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