These are busy times for your humble scribe.  In short order, several cycling-related events are coming up, including this weekend’s Bike DC, Bike To Work Day, not one but two potential rides in distant places, and the exciting Two Year Anniversary of this blog (May 20).  So as I catch my breath, let me share some cycling related items that caught my eye:

Dumbarton UMC

Bicycle Blessing.  Dumbarton United Methodist Church (in NW DC) will be hosting a “Blessing of the Bicycles” on May 12.  I’ve never considered the possible advantages to be gained by an infusion of the divine into my bicycle.  I suppose it couldn’t hurt!

Bo Jackson, Picabo Street, Ken Griffey, Jr, and some cyclist

Bo Bikes Bama.  Here’s a nice eight minute ESPN video which describes a charity ride conducted by former football and baseball great, Bo Jackson, to raise funds for victims from a series of tornadoes which killed over 200 people last year.  I’ve always considered Bo to be the greatest athlete of my generation and it’s great to see him in good shape at age 49.  When watching him pedal, consider the fact that the man’s hip is man-made.  Along with other celebrities, a seven-time Tour de France winner makes an appearance.

Century List.  This month’s issue of Bicycling Magazine lists their Top Ten Centuries.  Only one is near me.  For what it’s worth, here is the unabashedly U.S.-only list:

  1. Tour de Corn, East Prairie, Missouri
  2. The Main Lobster Ride & Roll, Rockland, Maine
  3. Crater Lake Century, Klamath Falls, Oregon
  4. The Hotter ‘N Hell Hundred, Wichita Falls, Texas
  5. The Sunrise Century, Clarksville Tennessee
  6. The High Sierra Fall Century, Mammoth Lakes, California
  7. The NYC Century Bike Tour, New York, New York
  8. The Six Gap Century, Dahlonega, Georgia
  9. Day of the Tread, Albuquerque, New Mexico
  10. The Civil War Century, Thurmont, Maryland

I lived in Clarksville for four years and never even heard of the Sunrise Century.  To be fair, I wasn’t part of the cycling scene in those days so a great many cycling things passed without my noticing them.  Also, I was planning to go on the Civil War Century this September, except the DC Randonneurs are holding their own 200k brevet over the same battlefields on the same day.  Club loyalty comes first, so I will be riding with them.


7 thoughts on “Potpouri

  1. I did the Tour de Corn last year and will be doing it again this year. There is a big buzz around the area that a nearby ride made it to big ol bicycling magazine.

    By the way that picture of Bo Jackson with Armstrong is amazing! It made my day seeing the contrast there.

    • Ken Griffey, Jr, was interesting to me as well. Jackson was a beast and one would expect him to be large, but Griffey was known for being relatively svelte. He still dwarfs Armstrong.

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