This Is An Emergency Theme Change

The editorial staff at There And Back Again has received a great deal of feedback on our recent theme change.  The new version (which shall be known hereafter as “Coke Zero”) had many positive compliments, however a significant number of readers mentioned it had a small drawback.  Specifically, they couldn’t read it.

Now reasonable people may differ as to what makes an entertaining blog, but I believe we can all agree that the ability to read the prose is one of the more fundamental attributes that are necessary.  I have no interest in driving away readership so I have therefore decided to conduct an emergency theme change.  Hopefully, this latest theme will be appealing to the masses.

As always, thanks for your feedback!


15 thoughts on “This Is An Emergency Theme Change

  1. Well, this end is clean and very readable! I was away and so nev got to see the Coke Zero theme, so cannot comment on its readability, but you have certainly hit the nail on the proverbial head when you identify being able to actually see the words as rather critical to a blog’s success!

  2. By the way, I’d love to know where you found research saying light on dark is harder to read. I specifically chose dark background with light txt on my personal web site due to extensive research that showed it was far better for and on the eyes than dark on white.

  3. While you are accepting change requests, could I request you to enable full posts in your rss feed?

    I follow your blog through Google reader app on my phone and clicking through to read full posts makes me… well, click through and read a lot fewer posts than I’d like to, and miss out on your escapades.

      • Wow! That’s a responsive celebrity writer! 🙂

        In WordPress, the way to enable it is by going to your blog’s Dashboard -> Settings -> Reading Settings, and looking for:
        ‘ For each article in your feed:’

        Change it from Summary to Full Text.

        That should do it, unless you are using some other complex mechanism.

      • Done! Thanks for walking me through that. You saved me countless hours and at least one smashed monitor.

    • When I look at various web development discussion forums, I am surprised at the number of times I see someone state that they don’t care if the design doesn’t look good to others – the author likes it and he’s going to keep it! I suppose that’s an excellent formula if you only want your readership to equal one person.

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