Cheap Sunglasses

“Go get yourself some cheap sunglasses.”  Z.Z. Top

If you were being very attentive during my last post (And why would you not be?  This is quality prose here!), you would have noted I was wearing a new piece of cycling apparel.  I am speaking, of course, of my super cool mult-lens sunglasses.  This pair is made by the good people at Nashbar and is called the Nashbar Brazos Multi-Lens Sunglasses.  At $21.99, they are definitely cheap.  So far, they’ve been a good investment.

At a very early stage of my cycling journey I realized sunglasses were important to keeping wind, insects, snot rockets from other cyclists and all manner of flying debris out of my eyes.  I always try to wear shades when cycling, even when the light conditions might suggest they are not necessary.  One such situation is rain, which you most definitely do not want hitting you in the eyes while you try to keep your bike upright.  Although it is relatively dark when it rains, I still wear my sunglasses and am usually glad to have them.  At night, I go without and often regret not having something to protect my eyes.

Cool cyclists have eyewear for every occasion but I was too cheap to invest in clear glasses.  But these Nashbar glasses are quite inexpensive and offer three types of lens – black, yellow, and clear – for varying light conditions.  Sunday’s ride in Reston was the first opportunity to break out the clear lenses and they worked like a champ.  They were easy to swap out and they stay in place quite nicely.  My only complaint is they are a tick heavy and they are a tad close to my face, meaning air doesn’t move through them well.  Sometimes, this causes them to fog when I am not moving or when I am using them while jogging.

For the price, I am quite satisfied with my new toy.  It even comes with a fancy hard carrying case AND a soft pouch for carrying the frame and the lenses you are not using.  Very nice.


15 thoughts on “Cheap Sunglasses

      • Smart advice! I always wear glasses and I do own a pair of clear specs for those earlier mornings where the sun is not fully up. Interestingly enough though, when it rains I actually prefer wearing no glasses….can’t stand the rain in my immediate field of vision!

  1. Last fall I bought a multi-lens set like that and was very happy with it–until I got my Garmin unit for Christmas and had to admit that I couldn’t read it without reading glasses. So I ended up getting a few pairs of safety glasses: sunglasses and clear lenses, all of them with little magnifying insets in the bottom of the lens. Works like a charm, and besides carrying the impressive DeWalt branding, they were about $10 a piece. I figure I could destroy/lose them and not worry too much, but they’re still working just fine–and they never have fogged, which my old ones did.

    • Very nice. I am happy I had lasex surgery in 2001. I think cycling with contacts or glasses would have been a nuisance for me. It certainly was in the 80s when I last did any serious cycling.

  2. I’m with Folksnake on this one. I’ve been wearing Industrial safety glasses for years. We get them free issue from work, and as we have to wear them in the factory we have done a lot of research into the best glasses available. They are light cumfortable and very servicable, and certainly cheap! They are often manufactured by the same people who make cycling glasses. I’ve just recently changed from a pair I have been using for the last couple of years, after my wife commented I looked a pratt in mirrored lenses. I pointed out to her “I am a middle aged man riding a bike in lycra, and the last thing anyone is going to notice is my sunglasses”.

    • Good point. Their eyes will most certainly be drawn to your sculpted physique! Still, no detail is too small when looking fashionable and the advice of wives should be disregarded only in extreme situations.

  3. My vision is so poor that I need glasses just to perform basic functions like pouring the cereal from the proper end of the box, etc. I use perscription sunglasses and my latest pair are more aerodynamic so that I might go faster. Ha!!

    • Tuckamoredew point out in the previous post’s comments section that beards add to wind resistance – something to consider as you strive for an aerodynamic look!

      • The beard will probably stay. I admit to laziness regarding shaving my face. I am also too lazy to shave the legs! I am in a bad way when it comes to aerodynamics.

  4. Steve,

    Didn’t know where else to ask the question but…I’m thinking of doing the Great Pumpkin Ride this year. I noticed you did it a couple years ago, but not last year. What are your thoughts on the event?

    • It’s a great ride. It’s relatively flat and the mass start at Warrenton is kinda neat (you just have to be patient as everybody funnels onto a greenway that leads you out of town). Although I grumbled about the rest stops in my ride report, they were well stocked and it seems the stop without water was definitely an unusual event for them. I don’t participate anymore because they don’t offer a century route and it’s late October date conflicts with the Army Ten Miler or the Marine Corps Marathon.

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