Back To The Old Grind

It’s been 17 days since I rode my bike, which may be something of a record since March 2010.  I went out for a quick spin after work and reacquainted myself with the local routes.  The weather was fantastic and the leaves are in full color.  I paused for the above pic next to Lake Terrapin, which is an embarrassingly small body of water that probably should be called a pond.  It’s still quite fetching and always good for a nice photograph.

In short order, the sun set.  In the gathering gloom, I was able to sneak up on three deer as they grazed along the side of a multi-use path.  Very nice.

Most of the soreness from the Army Ten Miler is gone, although my injured calf continues to voice its displeasure with my insistence that it cooperate with the other muscles.  The ride was very therapeutic and helped loosen up my stiff muscles.

There’s never much to say about these short evening jaunts.  I’m trying to enjoy what little sunlight is still available to me.  Daylight savings time will shortly be at an end and I will be forced to do all my weeknight rides in the dark.  Sigh.


11 thoughts on “Back To The Old Grind

  1. That’s one of my favs of your bike photos. I, too, have been off the bike forever, only I don’t have a legit excuse like yourself. I was out of town for 8 days, but before and after I keep finding reasons not to ride… I should probably post something about this since my blog is about no excuses… I’m lame.

    Hope you get back to 100% soon. Injuries like that are really annoying to us fans of your blogging. Think about someone else for once!

    • Thanks, Fizz. Breaks are ok, as long as they don’t become habits. They’re kinda like alcohol in that respect, I think!

      I really need to be less selfish in my activities. I keep forgetting about everyone else!

  2. Steve,

    With the Ten miler out of the way, I was hoping you’d do a “back to cycling” post. Well done! For basically the last month, I too have been off my bike, mainly due to illness (the weather change always does it to me) and injury (strained my hamstrings doing some work in my basement). Fully recovered and with unseasonably warm weather available to me this week, I was able to sneak in a 45 minute ride at Hains Point (on my NEW/used Cervelo S1) this morning before work. Now, it was under the cover of 6am darkness, but fantastic nonetheless.As you probably know, getting back on the bike after a long layoff is an awesome feeling, even it’s only for a short ride. Now maybe I’ll attempt to keep it going this winter as you did. Cold weather gear has been purchased. Only waiting for my shoe covers now. Can’t wait. Good luck to you this winter. Welcome back, Sir.

    • It’s fun to go fast, something that doesn’t happen when I’m running unless I accidentally run off a cliff. Winter riding is not for the timid. I spend most of it complaining bitterly, but I manage to find reasons to hop on and ride. Christmas light hunts and searching for frozen creeks/lakes are amusing past times. Congratulations on your new ride!

  3. Weeknight rides in the dark? That sounds hard … for me I mean, hard to get motivated to do. Maybe you would write a post about getting off work in the cold, in the dark and putting on lights and riding? Could be inspirational! I rode all winter last year, there was very little ice on the roads, but only during weekend days. This is something new to think about.

    • I am always eager to take requests for blog topics, Suze, although I suspect it won’t be very inspirational. I am not a cold weather person in general and night rides in the cold are grim affairs, full of frozen snot, cold feet, and gritty determination. I shall try to put a good face on it though!

  4. Wow, looks like a little time off is a trend. Love the picture. We cycled on the Greenbrier River Trail again today! One day, maybe you and Diesel will come be our guests in WV and make use of that trail. Then she won’t have to camp out, but can enjoy that 80 mile long trail. Of course, you both have to be willing to settle for a stunningly beautiful, but very flat ride.

  5. You highlight another of the benefits of old age. The day is always available for cycling. I have thought of getting decent lights but they seem very expensive. I hope your calf responds to a little cycling exercise.

    • Old age sounds fantastic and I look forward to its arrival in my life. As for the lights, the ones that are bright enough to light your way are indeed expensive. I note that you are very brave and willing to ride during inclement weather and I therefore suggest the less expensive lights that make you more visible to vehicles on dreary days.

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