The 2012 Christmas Light Hunt

As it became obvious to me that the Mayans were wrong and the world would not come to an end today, I decided to get back to the business of updating this blog.  I also decided the time was ripe for my annual Christmas light ride.

The 3rd Annual Christmas Light Hunt was conducted this evening under partly cloudy skies and a brisk breeze.  Temperatures were appropriately cold, slightly above freezing, and even an occasional snow flake fell from the sky.  Ride membership remained consistent with previous years, holding at a total of one rider.  Road conditions were excellent, which made me quite happy as I recalled the icy conditions of the inaugural event.

This year’s ride took me around Lake Montclair on a nine mile route.  With several stops for picture-taking, the ride lasted over an hour, meaning it wasn’t very much of a cardio workout.  Still it was quite fun and merry, at least it was until I dropped my camera and broke it.  It is possible the camera can be fixed.  I’ll know in the coming days when my blood pressure drops sufficiently to attempt a repair.

I have used the handy WordPress Gallery  feature to display this year’s images.  Just click on any one of them and slide show begins.  Here’s wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas!


7 thoughts on “The 2012 Christmas Light Hunt

  1. Hi Steve, good to see you back here, and a nice post and pics. I haven’t been very good at posting lately and i was consoling myself by seeing you also hadn’t posted in a while.. now I have to do something.. 🙂
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours..

    • I kinda miss the slide show functionality they used to have, the one where the pics rotated automatically while you read the post. I guess I need to move with the times though. I can’t complain too much – the site is free!

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