Hope Hill Crossing

The squiggly lines near the beginning is Hope Hill Crossing

The squiggly lines near the beginning is Hope Hill Crossing

I like to have a goal for most of my bike rides.  Sometimes the goal focuses on the ride itself, such as a training regimen or a personal best.  Other times I like to see something I have never seen or check up on something I have been away from for awhile.  Such was the case today when I made for the new housing development of Hope Hill Crossing to see if there was a way to travel from the “old portion” (ie., built two years ago) and the “new portion” (ie., built in the past few months).  The new area is so new that the streets do not appear on any maps.  So it was that I set off with the same adventurous spirit (though decidedly less risk) as the explorers who searched for the Northwest Passage.

Hope Hill Crossing is only 1.5 miles from my house so the trip was rather short.  The entire area was a farmer’s field less than five years ago.  The farmer sold the land to a housing developer and the rest is history.  Many of the streets still have no home on them, but the builders are making steady progress.  In no time at all there will be several hundred homes full of people I will get to share the roads with.

Hope Hill

After several abortive attempts, I was able to confirm that the passageway does not yet exist.  I took the below picture at the point where the road gives out.  You can see the older part of the development across the field.  Presumably, the road will eventually extend to that portion.


I also noted with interest several hundred Canadians blatantly violating the posted No Trespassing sign.  I took the following picture as evidence and will shortly be turning it over to the police.


The problem with an adventure 1.5 miles from your house is that it doesn’t make for much of a bike ride.  I therefore completed a 28 mile circuit up to Bristow which I have done many times.  I paused to take a picture of Broad Run and watch the water as it flowed eastward to join Cedar Run and form the Occoquan River.


There are several small bridges like this in the area and I have contemplated crossing them all on a single route.  It would be convoluted and lengthy, but it might be a good reason to get on the bike one day.


10 thoughts on “Hope Hill Crossing

  1. I had the same thought as TP regarding bridge pictures.

    I smiled when I read the comment about Broad Run, Cedar Run, and Occoquan River. Such comments make me know that the writer is well acquainted with the territory and that a ride with such a writer would be long and fun.

    • Thank you. If by “fun,” you mean bombarded with an unending litany of trivial information and observations, then the ride would be an absolute hoot! 🙂

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