People come to me and say, “Steve, I love your blog but I’m frustrated that you only post one or two times a week.  Is there any way I can consume even MORE of your extremely informative and entertaining product?”  These people tend to make their comments in my dreams or appear as voices in my head.

To those people and anyone else who might be interested, I am pleased to announce There And Back Again now has a presence on Facebook!

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with a Facebook page.  All I know is that Aaron, Gerry, and James have one and I’ll be darned if I’m going to let them get a leg up on me in my attempt to dominate the cycling media world.  Besides, I had no idea what to do with a blog when I started and look at me now!

I’ll thank you for keeping your snickering to yourself.

I guess what I’ll try to do is share interesting articles that I come across and make the occasional status update on things that don’t quite warrant a blog post – stuff like,  “Rode ten miles in the dark.  It was dark and cold. Nobody was injured.”  So if you’re interested in stuff like that, swing on by.

There And Back Again Facebook Page

And since this post is decidedly short of photographs, I offer the below scene from the family bird feeder in homage to the incomparable Tootlepedal:



18 thoughts on “Facebook

    • Competition? Hardly. I post one picture of birds (stationary ones at that) and you call that competition? You are in a whole other class which I can only marvel at. I tip my cap to you.

  1. One can never have too many ‘Like’ buttons.

    I’ve found that having the Facebook is a nice extension of the website, and allows for a different form of interaction outside of the blog. You’ll probably have fun with it.

  2. The voices in your head are much more benign than the ones in mine. The Facebook plan seems like a good idea. I occasionally consider it myself, but then remember that I originally started my blog to avoid boring friends on Facebook with constant cycling babble.

  3. So… having deleted my personal facebook account only last week for all kinds of reasons I see I have to create another now to keep abreast of all things blogging. Actually I was already in the process of doing so but you crept up on the blind side.. 🙂
    I did find it useful for blog publicising but there was so much other stuff that kept appearing on there. I decided to close that account and create a ‘Page’.
    Now I have a template to follow.. 🙂

    • Good luck, Brian! I try to keep the cycling stuff on my personal facebook done to a dull roar. The page for the blog could be an interesting outlet. It was fairly easy to develop. The hardest thing was loading the photos. Facebook’s import engine took quite a while to do that for some reason.

      • Do you reduce the size of your picture files before loading them ? That could be a cause of slow loading. A pain I know but I copy the pictures and reduce the size and put them in a separate folder on my hard drive ready for uploading. They do load a lot quicker then.. the files straight from the camera can be quite ‘meaty’ these days..

  4. Hey welcome to the Facebook domination society! I can’t think of someone more worthy for the title of top cycling blogger! I’m off to ‘like’ your page right now!

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