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A strong dislike of running?

A strong dislike of running?

You never know who might stop by your blog.  Over the months and years I’ve come to know many of you and I often feel like I can start a post with the assumption that people have been “following the story” over time.  But there are many newcomers all the time who haven’t been following the ebbs and flows of this blog.  That point was recently brought home to me when The Diesel mentioned one of her coworkers noticed the following sentence in the About Page:

An expanding waistline and a strong dislike of running caused me to renew my relationship with cycling.

The coworker thought this was an odd thing to say, given that I am now a regular runner who participates in many organized events with The Diesel.

It looks like I need to update my About Page.

That sentence was written almost three years ago.  A lot can happen in three years.  Here’s the short version:

My hero

My hero

When I wrote that sentence in early 2010, Diesel was beginning her journey as a runner.  She had been a dedicated walker and had only recently convinced herself that running was even an enjoyable activity.  As any proud husband would be, I was excited to see her improve.  And what improvement it was – nothing short of remarkable.  I encouraged Diesel to sign up for organized runs.  I ran the Marine Corps Marathon in 1993 and thought she would really enjoy that sort of experience.  In 2011, she did well in a small 5k put on by the local police department and decided she was ready for bigger challenges.  We signed up for the Army Ten Miler and had a great time.  Since then, Diesel has continued to improve and regularly finishes very high in her age group.  She ran a half marathon.  Then a marathon.  She has inspired friends and coworkers to become better runners.

She’s inspired me as well.

Teacher on the right; student on the left

Teacher on the right; student on the left

Along the way, Diesel showed me that running doesn’t have to be the drudgery I considered it to be when I was in the Army (try running in formation for 20 years – it gets old).  Running can be fun.  She also exposed me to things like proper shoes, proper running technique, calf sleeves, massages, and lots of other things that help with my injury problems.  I’ve learned that I tend to lose more weight when I run than when I cycle.  In short, there’s a lot of positive things about running that I hadn’t considered to be the case way back in May 2010.  And it should be no surprise I enjoy doing things with my wife.  Likewise, she has been known to hop on a bike and take a spin with me.  Those times are also very good.

So here’s where I’m at in early 2013:  I still consider myself to be a cyclist and I love the feeling of being on the bike, but running has long stopped being drudgery.  It’s actually a nice change of pace, especially when you find yourself doing it with your wife of 26 years.  I guess you can say I am a cyclist who runs.  Where I’ll be in another three years is anybody’s guess.

I know this though: I’ll be sure to update my About Page.


6 thoughts on “The About Page

    • I thought that might be a bit presumptuous as I have not yet actually set foot in water and executed a single stroke. With luck that will no longer be the case in a few months.

  1. Tsk tsk sir. What about the rules (#42 if I remember correctly)!

    Kidding. I hate running now like you did 3 years ago, but have started running short 1.2 .milers twice a week. It’s a nice supplement to cycling and helps more when it comes to weight loss. Still dislike it though. A lot.

    • Indeed. The Velominati would be very unhappy with us, Nene. Especially at this time of year, when the nights are dark, the temperature is cold, and the pathways are icy, I think running is a good alternative to cycling. My advice – take it slow and when you’re ready to tackle big miles, get the right gear. It’s kinda like cycling in that regard.

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