I’m Not Ignoring You. I’m Just Spam


For the past two weeks, I’ve been unable to comment on anybody’s blog. This is very annoying because I am a very important person with important things to say. People count on my comments to help them improve their lives and they no doubt feel like I no longer care about them. Nothing could be further from the truth.

For reasons known only to God, the Akismet software that detects spam posts for WordPress blogs has determined that I am spam. All my comments are now being dumped into the spam section. If you rummage through that portion of your dashboard, you will find my comments – sometimes more than one as I tried to resend it after the first failed attempt.

I’ve contacted Akismet and asked them to kindly remove me from their spam list. They have not replied. We’ll see how long this takes. Special recognition goes to alert blogger Tuckamoredew, who confirmed (without my asking) that my comments were in his spam queue.


17 thoughts on “I’m Not Ignoring You. I’m Just Spam

  1. I’m pretty slack about emptying my spam folder. I checked to see if you were in there. The bad news is it was too overflowing for me to find you. The good news is I discovered a lot of Viagra pitchmen with broken English that really like my site.

    I wonder if you’ll get out of spam if enough people click ‘Not Spam’ to your comments. Not that I’m fishing for a comment, but do me a favor and write something on my latest post and respond here when you do. I’ll do my part to get you out of WordPress jail.

    • You are not a WordPress blogger, Suze, so I believe there won’t be any issues on your site. Good luck with winter and here’s hoping the Groundhog was right!

  2. I don’t know if I had anything to do with it, but the other day, I had more than 20 messages in my spam queue. I clicked the “Delete spam” button, an dthen noticed that one of the messages was a comment from you. It was too late. You were deleted, and I couldn’t undo it. I wonder if that was enough to label you as spam for all blogs. If so, my apologies.

  3. What a pain. I hope it gets sorted out soon. Seeing as how you were the first person to comment on my blog (on my very first post!) I might have to get cranky if the problem isn’t resolved.

    • Yours is a typical story. I troll the internet every day, providing helpful commentary to all sorts of people, just like you. Now I can’t do that and I feel the angst of all those who have come to rely on my sage advice.


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