I Remember

hotI remember hot summer days.  I remember feeling the heat radiate off the asphalt, leaving skull caps, jackets, arm warmers, full-fingered gloves, leggings, and shoe covers at home.  I remember how quick it was to get ready to ride without all those garments.

I remember filling all water bottles before a ride and needing to buy more fluid halfway through.  I remember the taste of warm Gatorade and being grateful for my insulated bottle.

I remember early sunrises and late sunsets.  I remember how I tried to remember my runny nose during cold rides.

I remember not being the only cyclist on the road.

I remember fast pace times, sweat, and tan lines.  I remember unzipping my jersey to help vent heat.

Those are good memories.


7 thoughts on “I Remember

  1. Here here!! Spring is coming soon, we see the light at the end of this long winter tunnel. Hang in there! Oh, I guess I’m the only one with runny nose even on a hot summer ride!

  2. And you must have a good memory Steve, that all seems like a lifetime away now.. I was thinking maybe that was all a dream..

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