You Really Should Be Following This On Facebook

I’ve been at the Facebook thing for over a month now and 21 lucky followers have been treated to all sorts of fascinating information, including (but not limited to):

– A dog stuffed in the back of a cyclist’s jersey

– A diagram of how to urinate while cycling

– A seriously good article on up and coming American cyclist Joe Dombrowsky

If you want to receive fascinating information such as this, simply click here and enjoy.

In other news, preparations for this weekend’s 200k brevet with the DC Randonneurs have hit a bit of snag, thanks to a snowstorm that has closed schools and the government.Β  The course should get about six inches of snow today, less than 72 hours before the ride.Β  Let us hope that the roads are clear enough to conduct the ride.Β  In the meanwhile, I shall leave you with this tree photo, taken while not riding my bike this morning.




16 thoughts on “You Really Should Be Following This On Facebook

  1. I’m one of those 21 followers, and I can vouch for the quality of information.

    Steve – you might try adding the FB widget to your sidebar. The followers will add up, slowly but surely.

      • With this theme you only see the widgets at the home page. When you click on a specific post, all you get is the post.

        Now that I think about that, it seems like a bit of a drawback, doesn’t it? πŸ™‚

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