It’s November and the days are getting colder.  Still, Summer weather continues to fight back and serves up occasional reminders of what we used to enjoy.  Such was the case on Saturday when I took a pleasant spin and enjoyed the autumn colors.



I’m afraid I arrived a few days past peak.  There was a strong wind on Friday which put many of those colored leaves on the ground.  Still it was a good show.  There were also remnants of Halloween festivities.  Below are two examples worthy of your attention:


Haunted House

The second pic doesn’t do the display justice.  There was actually a little more out of the frame and the details are hard to capture when panning out to capture everything.  I can only imagine what these folks do at Christmas time.  I think I’ll need to stop by again in a few weeks.

As for the ride, I could definitely feel the effects of two months off the bike.  Hills were harder and my pace was about 1/2 mph slower.  No worries – that will turn itself around soon enough.  My various ailments are almost gone and I am always surprised at how little (with the very significant exception being my foot troubles) they affect my cycling.

We’re at the point in the year where each nice day could very well be “the last one” for the year. Here’s hoping there will be at least a few more.


11 thoughts on “Fall

    • Thanks, Dan. I’ve come to understand that being on the wrong side of 40 means living with various aches and pains of increasing annoyance. I’ll be fine.

  1. Nice post Steve. I am waiting to get similar pics like this in the UK but they haven’t turned yet. Went out today and it was a cold NW wind which made for a tiring ride. More layers on tomorrow I think!

  2. I am very pleased to find that the cycling was pretty pain free. I am impressed by your speed after such a long lay off. It speaks volumes about your general fitness. I hope you have a kind November with many more cycling days in it for you.

    • Very nice. One of the things I commemorate each Spring/Summer is the first ride where I put ice in my bidons. Appropriate that they are involved in the final nice days of the year as well as the earliest ones.

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