This is my 400th post.  This seems like a significant event in the life of a blog, one worthy of some sort of summation to mark the occasion.  Nothing comes to mind at the moment, so let me tell you about the ride I took yesterday.

Much like the prose in this post, it wasn’t particularly remarkable.

Unlike last weekend’s warm temperatures, things had cooled off a bit for this weekend, making the year’s first appearance of full-fingered gloves and leggings.  Discerning cyclists will once again be forced to wonder whether or not I shave my legs.  Of course, they could just read this blog and then they’d know for certain.  Alas, the word has not reached everyone.

My first stop was at Hylton High School on Spriggs Road, where I paused at a make-shift shrine for a 66-year-old cyclist who was killed by a teen driver a couple of months ago.  The specifics are still a little confusing to me, but somehow the teen drove ACROSS oncoming traffic, hopped the curb, struck the man, then dragged him 150 feet until stopping in front of the school (where she was not a student).  I cannot find any record of the student being charged with a crime.  It was nice to see that people are keeping the monument refreshed, as a few Autumn-themed icons are now present.


Having paid my respects, I sped off northward to Hoadly Road, where I came upon these disinterested passers-by.  No amount of arm waving and noise making (and trust me, I provided a GREAT amount of both) could get them to look at me.  Still, it seemed like a nice pic, so I took the shot.


Finally, I wandered off the beaten path to visit the Sacred Heart Catholic Chapel and its accompanying cemetery.  It seemed odd to me that one tree would lose all its leaves while its twin held on to most of its supply.  Clearly, life is better on the right side of the chapel.  Why that is so remains a mystery.


I wrapped up this 16-mile excursion and followed it up the very next day with a 17-miler sans camera.  It was a tad warmer, so I broke out my shorts but the full fingered gloves stayed on.  I’m mildly concerned that I can’t find my skull cap but I am confident I can dig it out of its hiding place before the very cold weather arrives.

Those were my rides: the first time in a long while I rode on consecutive days.

So, what are we to think of 400 posts?  If you’re Tootlepedal, that represents only 400 days of blogging.  Posters like Bike Noob and Rev Rider and others crank these things out like clockwork as well.  It’s taken me a little over three and a half years to reach the mark, which is fitting, I think.  Much like my cycling, I am not nearly the fastest blogger out there.

To commemorate the occasion, I have added a new page, “Things I Have Learned.”  This is merely a “cut and paste” of a May 2012 post which I wrote at this blog’s two-year point.  If I ever learn anything else, I’ll be sure to add it here!


11 thoughts on “400

  1. Shorts eh? It must be great to be tough. I wore mine for two days in late July (and in France but that was cheating). I like the idea of a page of things that you have learned. Mine would be very bare. The page of things which I should have learned but didn’t would be full to the brim.

    I’m glad that you got two consecutive rides in and sorry that you didn’t take the camera out twice as the pictures were interesting. Could they be two different sorts of trees? Only a suggestion.

    Congratulations on reaching 400. Quality is much more important than quantity.

    • To my untrained eye, they seem to be the same type of tree, planted at the same time – about when the chapel was built. I’m not much of a tree expert, however.

      As quality v. quantity, I believe it was Stalin who said, “Quantity has a quality all its own.” He may have been a mass murderer, but I believe Joe may have been right on that count.

  2. Thanks for mentioning me in the same sentence as Tootlepedal, but I can’t match his output — or his photography. Congrats on your 400th. It’s good to see you back here again.

  3. Congrats on 400. For being labeled as an unremarkable ride, I found it quite remarkable. It’s all about the presentation, which has always been your strength. Quality over quantity.

    After reading this, out of curiosity, I checked my post count — 305 in 2.5 years. I’m a little ahead of your pace, way behind Tootlepedal, and probably right around the Noob.

    • Thanks, Aaron. I have plenty of time to come up with things to talk about since I am not occupied climbing mountains like you are. Then again, climbing mountains is a pretty cool thing to talk about!

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