Route 1, near Cardinal Drive

Route 1, near Cardinal Drive

“For the happiest life, days should be rigorously planned, nights left open to chance.”  ~ Mignon McLaughlin

I haven’t won the lottery yet, so I still need my job.  At this time of year, this means I am forced to do a fair amount of my riding at night.

Night cycling in suburbia can be a bit dicey.  I have plenty of reflectors on my bike and my clothes and I use lights front and back.  I also stay off the main streets and stick to mixed-use pathways and quieter streets in suburbia.  This (and the fact that its dark out) slows my pace, meaning my routes are a bit shorter than during the summer months.  Still, the shorter routes give me an opportunity to stop by places I wouldn’t normally visit, like the marinas near Leesylvania State Park.

The Madone resting in a bicycle rack at the Hampton Marina.

The Madone resting in a bicycle rack at the Hampton Marina.

One of the marina docks.

One of the marina docks.

Even when I take the long route of seven miles, the marina is too close to home and not exactly on the way to anything else further away.  I almost never stop by in the summer for this reason.  It’s good to see things are still ship-shape (to use a nautical term).

IMG_0996This marina has a sign which proudly announces its bike loaner program.  Presumably, a boatsman can pull into this marina and make use of a bike to zip about town.  It’s a neat idea, although I can’t imagine where a person would like to bike to from here.  There’s a gas station about two miles away that sells snack foods.  If you you’re willing to pedal up a substantial hill (which Yours Truly has done a few times, but I seriously doubt the average sailor would be interested in doing it on a lark) you can find yourself in Leesylvania State Park.  That’s about it.  Still, it’s an interesting idea.

On my way home, I was treated to a pretty view of Neabsco Creek.  I tried to capture it but I don’t think the pic does it justice.  You’ll have to use your imagination.

Creek At NightUntil Daylight Savings Time returns in March, this is pretty much how the majority of my rides will look.  For now, the novelty hasn’t worn off and the cold temperatures are still tolerable.  This will probably last for another few weeks, when my impatience will grow and I will be grumpy to everyone I meet.  You have been warned.


7 thoughts on “Night

    • You’re too kind as always. I like my “fancy” camera, which I bought last winter when I ruined my original. It does a better, if not great, job at night photography. As long as there is a bit of light, it can grab an image.

    • LOL! If I wasn’t so cheap and if I had a bit of sense, I’d by a trainer and I’d do a better job of keeping my fitness up in the comfort of my home basement.

    • Mark, thank you for the kind words and you are more than welcome to use the photograph. If you would be good enough to provide a link to this website, that would be great. I could use all the traffic I can get!

      Best of luck with your book,

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