(Sorta) Winter Wonderland

We’ve been hit with a series of small, but annoying winter storms lately.  The rain and snow stopped on Sunday and I ventured out to see how bad the paths were.  If they were clear, then I’d be all set for evening rides.  If not, then I’d spend the time writing blog posts.

So here I am, writing a blog post.

Snow removal in Northern Virginia is not exactly “state-of-the-art.”  If it were a bicycle, it would be the kind of bike you buy in a Wal-Mart.  So I wasn’t surprised the paths hadn’t been plowed – they never are.  I was hoping the snow and ice would have melted enough to get through.  For the most part it had, but there were still some tricky bits:


That doesn’t look too scary, except those 22mm tires don’t exactly provide the greatest stability, even in patch of 1/2″ high slush/ice.  Being clipped in only makes me more nervous.  It’s an odd thing to me that cycling on ice is nothing like walking on it.  When you’re walking, you get a sense of just how much traction you have got.  When cycling (at least for me), you go from blissfully happy to laying on the ground in pain with absolutely no warning.  So I was glad I checked out the pathways during the day when visibility is better and the water hasn’t frozen to black ice.

When cautiously pedalling against a stiff breeze, I noticed the snow-covered ground of the Prince William Forest and thought it worthy of a picture.


IMG_1048The breeze was VERY stiff and I was happy to turn around after ten miles and head home.  There is nothing quite like fighting a tough wind for a while and then turning your back to it.  It’s kinda like climbing then descending a big hill without actually being on a hill.  I was in a much better mood near the end of my ride and took a self-portrait to show you my newest piece of cold weather gear, the Biological Extreme-Cold Affects Reduction Device (B.E.A.R.D.).  The device isn’t completely assembled but initial returns are very positive.

Societal Change Update

No sooner did I suggest that society may be starting to turn the corner on cycling acceptance then do I see this video of Toronto’s mayor stating why he cannot support bike lanes in his city.  I know the guy’s a nut job, but I think he speaks for a great many people.  This also does nothing for my theory that people in the north tend to cycle more than people in warmer climates!


9 thoughts on “(Sorta) Winter Wonderland

    • Perhaps he is “douche-like,” but I believe he speaks for huge numbers of people, not unlike the huge numbers of people who supported smoking indoors in the 1970s. Its helpful to understand what you’re up against and he is a good example.

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