The 4th Annual Christmas Light Hunt

Christmas Light Hunt 13On Friday night I completed the Fourth Annual Christmas Light Hunt Ride.  Ride membership maintained the same level it has had for the previous three editions.  Longtime readers with good memories will know that number is one.

This year’s hunt targeted the newer neighborhoods of Ewells Mill Estates and Hope Hill Crossing.  I found several nice displays.  I also passed through regular spots Lake Terrapin and Montclair.  I was disappointed to see some of the finer displays were gone due to the owners moving.  Still there were plenty of nice offerings to see and the ride was made all the more enjoyable by the balmy temperature.  In past years I’ve struggled with cold and ice.  This year the temperature was a pleasant 55 degrees (that’s approximately 450 degrees Centigrade, I believe, for those using that strange form of measurement).

I broke my camera while fumbling with in it the cold during last year’s hunt, so this was my first opportunity to use the Canon on Christmas lights.  On the whole, it was a big improvement, but when displays moving in the evening breeze they turned out blurry in the final shot.  I hope you can get past that unpleasantness and enjoy the below movie.  I must confess and tell you I did not take the last picture!

Not Following On Facebook?  You’re Missing Out!

Many of you doggedly refuse to follow There And Back Again on Facebook.  Big mistake.  You can see all sorts of incredibly interesting and funny commentary, along with up-to-the-minute updates on my cycling activities, such as “Too damn cold to cycle. I’m going to have a beer and watch TV.”

Ok, that may not have been the best example, but feel free to stop by and see for yourself.  Loyal viewers were treated to a picture of the Christmas Light Hunt TWENTY FOUR HOURS before I posted the movie on this blog.  Think about it.  A full day early!

You can find There And Back Again on Facebook here.

4 thoughts on “The 4th Annual Christmas Light Hunt

  1. Thanks. Your Christmas ride-and- lights post always takes me back to the early-mid 1950s when the suburbs were absolutely brand new, located inside the beltway, and shopping centers didn’t exist. Every Christmas we went for a drive around the neighborhood, looking at the holiday lights. They were way less extravagant, but oh-so-excitingly beautiful.

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