The Christmas Miracle of 2014

Carriage Ford Road

The title of this post may be a slight bit of hyperbole, but it certainly seemed miraculous when temperatures approached 70 degrees just four days before Christmas.  I’m not sure if we hit a new record high temperature but I know it was close (hooray, Global Warming!).  It was quite breezy out, but I wasn’t going to let an opportunity like this pass without a ride.

On my way out of my suburb, I spotted a sure sign of Christmas.


As I mentioned, there was a stiff breeze out of the west, and I pushed against it for twelve miles before reaching the bridge over Cedar Run.  Things are definitely “winter brown.”


The bridge was recently widened this summer and this was my first crossing since the construction was completed.  I thought it was worth a pic to commemorate the occasion.


Then I continued pushing against the wind for another four miles.  This was becoming quite tiresome, but at least I had views of the surrounding countryside to take my mind off things.


Mercifully, I eventually turned my back to the wind and zipped along.  I paused to check on a group eating their afternoon dinner.  I took a picture and was disappointed with the lack of interest I drew.  I made a fool of myself by wildly waving my arms and whistling and got a much better result.


Eventually, I made my way to Brentsville, which I used to refer to as “Breaksville” because my bike routinely broke down in this small town.  That hasn’t happened in quite a while and once again I made it through unscathed.  I looked for ghosts at the old courthouse which is rumored to be haunted and saw none.  I took a pic because sometimes ghosts turn up in photographs and was once again disappointed.


I made it home with a very modest pace of 13.8 mph.  This can be partially explained by the many photographs I took and the wind was definitely not my friend, but I must be honest and tell you I was truly tired when I pulled into the drive after 39 miles.  I looked at my cycle log to see the last time I went further.

August 4th!

My how time flies.  I’ve really let myself go.  Fortunately, this is the perfect time of year to make a resolution and I think I know what mine will be.


11 thoughts on “The Christmas Miracle of 2014

  1. Well done getting out and enjoying the present of a nice bit of weather! Funny how we take the nice weather for granted when we have it and lament its loss when we don’t. Looks like a great ride. Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Your high temperatures combined with very low ones in Canada are creating a set of whirlpools of low pressure which are being whipped across the Atlantic by the jet stream and causing severe gales and rain here which may prevent my sisters arriving for Christmas as the rail service is somewhat disrupted so all I can say is that for every drop of rain that falls, someone gets wet. Apart from that, I am very glad that you got a warm if windy ride and I hope that you and the runner have a magnificent Christmas and a stupendous New Year. Keep riding and, most important of all, keep writing.

  3. I think it’s colder here than in your area. But the reason I’m not riding is my grandson’s visit. I, too, will make a New Year’s resolution to ride more often and farther. Merry Christmas!

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