New Year’s Ride

An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year in.   A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.

~Bill Vaughan

New Years Day is a busy time in my cycling world.  There are several administrative activities that are required, including updating the blog’s odometer and creating a new worksheet in the Excel spreadsheet I use to catalog my rides.  Finally, all 2013 photos must be stored in a newly created folder so my picture files for 2014 don’t overwhelm my tidy little electronic storage system.

All of this took at least fifteen minutes. With the administrative issues out of the way, I set out on my annual New Years Ride.

It was a sunny day and the breeze was tolerable, so the 40 degree temperatures weren’t excessively cold.  I wasn’t interested in setting speed or endurance records so I took a route through neighborhoods that forced me to spin my wheels a bit.  I stopped by Lake Montclair to take a pic of the dam.

Montclair DamThis is the site of my triathlon swimming training sessions.  I would start at a small beach just out of frame to the left and swim to the shore on the far side about 1/4 mile away while trying not to look like I was having an epileptic seizure.  The lake seems tranquil now but on a nice summer’s day that water would be dotted with all manner of small boats and floating docks.  Pool training would probably have been better, but the price at the lake was perfect (you can’t beat free) and it was much faster to hop on my bike after my swim and start riding.

I made a point of going by St. Mary’s Catholic Church (Byzantine Rite) so I could take a pic or two.  The architecture is very unusual for this part of the country and I always enjoy a brief moment to look at it.

IMG_1137There are many different religious faiths in my neck of the woods.  That gives me an idea for a future ride, during which I photograph the various buildings for your viewing pleasure.  I’ll start noodling out some routes and when spring gets here I’ll be ready.

I finished my meanderings after 21 miles and pulled in with the sedate average pace of 14.0 mph, including my photo stops.  I happily updated my odometer, because showing a zero up there is very depressing.

I am now officially started on my 2014 journey.  Best of luck to you in your riding in the new year!

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