Randonneuring (My Forever Bike?)

Where does the time go?  I was reading Gerry’s blog post about Forever Bikes and resolving to follow through on his suggestion to write a post on Randonneuring bicycles, then I blinked and a month went by.  I guess I’d better get to it.  Hopefully this will provide a slight diversion from those of us […]

Book Review: The History of Cycling in Fifty Bikes

Continued cold has made for little cycling but more reading, so here’s a review of my latest cycling book, The History of Cycling in Fifty Bikes, by Tom Ambrose.  As with many of my book reviews, this will be somewhat tepid. I’ve been asking myself why I’ve been so critical in my reviews.  Lots of […]

Military Bicycles – The Early Years

“Look, look!” Aymo said and pointed toward the road. Along the top of the stone bridge we could see German helmets moving. They were bent forward and moved smoothly, almost supernaturally. As they came off the bridge, we saw them. They were bicycle troops . . . Their carbines were clipped to the frame of […]

This Week In Cycling Dope

Since I have a blog which concerns itself with cycling, I am obligated to discuss this week’s happenings in the professional ranks.  Most Americans are generally aware that federal prosecutors have dropped their investigation into possible doping activities of Lance Armstrong and his teammates during his epic seven consecutive Tour de France streak.  Only the most […]

A World Championship, Just Down The Road

Yesterday, the Union Cycliste Internationale announced that the 2015 World Road Cycling Championships would be held in Richmond, Virginia, a mere 80 miles from where I live.  This gives rise to all sorts of questions, including: o What the heck are the World Road Cycling Championships? o Why can’t the French ever get their adjectives […]

Book Review: Bike Snob NYC (Systematically & Mercilessly Realigning the World of Cycling)

I happened across a neat book in my LBS (that’s Local BOOK Store).  It’s written by Eben Weiss, AKA Bike Snob NYC.  Many of you have no doubt come across Bike Snob’s very popular blog and have enjoyed his sardonic wit.  This book is a distillation of four years of blogging and is filled with the […]

Tour de France: The First 50 Years

Some of you (and by the looks of the cycling blogs out there, darn near all of you) are aware that cycling’s great annual event, the Tour de France, has been underway for a week.  There’s still almost two weeks to go, including several trips through the mountains of the Pyrenees and the Alps.  When […]

I Watched Two Movies

A morning snow flurry squashed any plans for cycling today.  Perhaps the roads will improve enough for a spin tomorrow, but I’m not optimistic.  My streak of consecutive weekend rides since August may be broken.  With no bicycle riding on the schedule, I did the logical thing.  I watched two movies about bicycling.  They were […]