Unfinished Brevet Business

I’ve been battling a nasty cold this week (probably bronchitis but I’m too dumb to see the doctor) so there hasn’t been much riding.  This gives me a chance to provide a brief update to last weekend’s brevet, including two pictures taken by DC Randonneurs’ George Moore as I reached the crest of the final […]

Two Bridges

I had a really good idea yesterday.  I was able to leave work a little early and take advantage of the great weather and go on a long ride.  This would be helpful as I need to get some miles in before this weekend’s 300 km ride with the DC Randonneurs.  I decided to reward […]

Spring Has Sprung

You’ll never guess what I did yesterday.  Go ahead – try. Nope. You’re way off. Wrong again. Ok, I’ll tell you.  For the first time in 2013, I put ice cubes in my water bottle! I’m thinking this should be an event I commemorate each year.  It’s worthy of blog reports, music, speeches, and all […]

Things I Think I Think

Sports columnist Peter King has a popular segment he publishes after every NFL weekend which he calls Things I Think I Think, in which he gives his impressions on the week that was.  It is that spirit I offer my thoughts on last weekend’s brevet. 1.  I think I’m over my initial disappointment at my […]

The Mystery Of The Giant Crucifix

  In Stafford County on Route 1 (also known as the Jefferson Davis Highway – a quaint reminder of the failed rebellion of 1861-1864) there stands a large crucifix.  It sits upon a small parcel of land at the intersection of Telegraph Road.  I have driven by it several times over the years but I had […]

The Town Of Clifton, And Lessons In Physics From My Water Bottle

Mile 2,000 for this year found me in the town of Occoquan, on the banks of the river which goes by the same name.  I was making a rare trip northward into Fairfax County.  I only make this trip about one time per year because it takes me that long to forget just how bad […]

Running Errands

Regular readers will know I’m not much of the “urban cyclist,” commuting to work by bike or puttering about town, running errands or visiting friends.  When I’m on my bike, I’m almost always exercising and/or exploring.  It’s a strictly recreational experience for me.  That’s what made yesterday unusual – I actually rode my bike on […]


Although I have traveled west of Route 28 on several occasions, it is still a major step for me and I still view it as “the frontier” of my cycling range.   Beyond Route 28 lies Route 29, which I have crossed only once about 13 months ago.  If Route 28 is “The Frontier,” then Route […]

Cycling In Boston, Part II

When we paused in our tale of cycling bliss in Boston, I was enjoying a rest break in the Boston Common.  Having recharged my energy levels, I prepared to set up into the heart of Boston’s historic section, The North End.  The clouds and rain from earlier in the ride had given way to some […]