Little Things

Hello there.  In case you’re worried about my two week absence, I’m still doing my thing – slowly taking over the cycling world one blog post at a time.  Of course if you’re a There And Back Again Premium Member, you’ve been following my exploits on Facebook and seeing exciting content that never makes it […]

The Montclair-Lake Terrapin Criterium

Fellow blogger Matt Gholson over at Barn Door Cycling recently took readers on a tour of his town.  I liked the post and warned Matt that I would shamelessly copy him.   I have now done so, by revealing this exciting criterium-style course I have been using through my suburban neighborhood of Montclair and the adjoining […]

My Photo Shoot

 As an Important and Influential Blogger, it should be of no surprise to you that a professional photographer recently requested permission to photograph me while I demonstrated my cycling technique.  After learning more about this event, you might point out that the photographer was my daughter, who only wanted the pictures so she could complete […]

Plodding Along

10 miles in a freezing moonless night was the best I could do today.  My concerns over visibility forced me onto the neighborhood sidewalks, where I contended with seams in the cement, walkers, joggers, and pet owners.  The poor lighting also caused me to slow down, all of which kept my pace embarrassingly slow.  I tried an experiment […]

Christmas Ride

I’ve never ridden a bike on Christmas Day, primarily due to the fact that I’ve usually lived in places where riding a bike in December is viewed as a symptom of mental imbalance.  However, after a season of cycling I now understand that there is no place too cold for cycling.  At least that’s what all the […]