Tour Of The Towns

Most of you know I am an incredibly important and influential person, not just in the cycling world but in other fields of endeavor as well.  Those other pursuits have kept me away from the computer and I am therefore late in telling you the tale of the Inaugural Tour of the Towns century ride.  […]

The One Lane Bridge

This weekend’s pedal took me toward Nokesville, where I viewed a scene I have always enjoyed with a new perspective. But first, let me share my latest purchase – a pair of Shimano shoes to replace my Bontragers that served me faithfully for two years before finally snapping a strap.  I purchased the shoes online – […]

Two Bridges

I had a really good idea yesterday.  I was able to leave work a little early and take advantage of the great weather and go on a long ride.  This would be helpful as I need to get some miles in before this weekend’s 300 km ride with the DC Randonneurs.  I decided to reward […]

Spring Has Sprung

You’ll never guess what I did yesterday.  Go ahead – try. Nope. You’re way off. Wrong again. Ok, I’ll tell you.  For the first time in 2013, I put ice cubes in my water bottle! I’m thinking this should be an event I commemorate each year.  It’s worthy of blog reports, music, speeches, and all […]

Marine Corps 17.75K Run

The year’s first running event went off without a hitch yesterday.  I am happy to report that I finished the race without mishap and now have exclusive access to register for this October’s Marine Corps Marathon – an event which typically sells out in less than three hours. Rather than the Garmin GPS snapshot I typically […]


I learned today that the 2013 edition of Bike DC is cancelled because “[t]he restrictions and road blocks to getting permits from the National Park Service and some DC agencies have made it impracticable to continue this event.” Well, isn’t that a fine “How do you do?” This is disappointing as my wife and I […]

Fighting Through Winter Doldrums

It’s been a tough winter.  I know things could always be worse.  I could be trying to cycle in Boston, which just had two feet of snow dumped on it.  I could be Tuckamoredew’s neighbor in Edmonton.  But I happen to live in Virginia, where the occasional pleasant weekend is normal in the winter.  Being here […]