A Case For Mountain Bike Pedals

    Are you a professional racer or perhaps a serious amateur racer?  Do you like riding ultra-long distances?  When you’re riding your bike, do seconds count?  If so, then this post isn’t for you.  For everyone else, I would like to propose we think about the unthinkable. What if we rode our road bikes […]

How to Turn Your Carbon Road Bike Into A Touring Bike (Or Why I Am Not Cool: Part 7 In A Continuing Series)

Global warming continues to disappoint.  With one week remaining before my 200k ride, I threw on my cold weather gear and shoved off into the teeth of a brisk northwest wind, making the 37 degree temperature feel decidedly colder.  In addition to cold and wind, I was treated to some light snow flurries along the […]

“The Rules” (Or Why I Am Not Cool: Part 6 In A Continuing Series)

If you haven’t already done so, swing by The Velominati’s website.  It’s a great reference for uber-cyclists and those aspiring to be one.   There is also handy information for the not-so-serious cyclist and some entertaining reads on cycling news/culture. The Velominati fashion themselves as keepers of cycling’s numerous traditions and etiquette.  In their own words, “A Velominatus […]

Why I Am Not Cool (Part 4 in a continuing series)

As I type these words, I am sitting on my front porch waiting to distribute Halloween candy to the trick-0r-treaters of the neighborhood.  This alone makes me uncool in some cycling circles.  Apparently, many cool riders participate in a Halloween evening ride which removes them from the “bothersome” kids .  Once again, I gladly find […]

Why I Am Not Cool (Part 3 in a Continuing Series)

I’ve told you about my dork disk and I’ve confessed to my irrational insistence on using a kick stand.  I believe the time is right for me to share yet another aspect of my cycling nerdiness which immediately points me out to serious cyclists as not being one of them. I don’t shave my legs. There, […]