My Sudden Appearance In A Paceline

“It never gets easier.  You just go faster.”  – Greg LeMond There I was on Sunday morning, minding my own business and raking leaves in my back yard.  I looked up and saw my neighbor, Steve, pedaling up my driveway in full cycling regalia.  This was rather odd in that he has never done this […]

Impressions of the Canberra Cycling Life

I was only in Canberra for four days and sampled only a portion of the city, but I see no reason why that should keep me from making broad general conclusions about the state of cycling there!  Apart from my 31 mile ride around Lake Burley Griffin, I spent most of my time north of […]

Cycling In Canberra

My apologies for not posting in a while.  As I mentioned, my work was keeping me away from my computer for the past few days – 11,000 miles away, to be more precise.  I was in Australia. Canberra, Australia. After a short 29-hour trip, in which I completely lost the day of November 6th due […]

Cool Cycling Photos

The Australian blog, Cycling Tips, has conducted an international cycling photo contest.  To view the entrants, go here.  The photos are great, but you can also read about the ensuing controversy over the winner here.  Seems there was some skullduggery with the computer vote tabulation. All the photos are great, but this one by Michael […]