First Impressions: Continental Grand Prix 4 Seasons

The winter cold hit Northern Virginia this weekend.  With temperatures hovering around freezing, I gutted out a 17 mile ride on Saturday.  Today’s highs were to be a few degrees colder than Saturday.  I pondered whether  or not to head out.  I probably would have passed but for two things: 1.  I was keenly aware […]

The 2012 Tires

It is now time to unveil my tire purchase for the year.  In 2010, I conducted my first foray into high-end tires and purchased the supposedly indestructible Armadillos for my hybrid.   I made it 40 miles before I flatted.  In 2011, I bought Bontrager Race Lite Hardcase for my Trek’s rear wheel and loved it.  Sadly, the tire […]