A Pleasant Summer’s Ride

There’s nothing terribly exciting to report today, I’m afraid.  I went on a pleasant 41-mile ride under blue skies, light wind, and warm (but not oppressive) summer temperatures.  As difficult cycling is in January, today was enjoyable.  I traveled westward on Aden Road, past the outer portion of Quantico Marine Base, and made my way […]

Memory Lane

  I haven’t gone over 40 miles since August 8th and with my 65-mile ride 10 days away I figured it was time to get back into the swing of things.  I had my new bike and all the “incidentals” (spare tube, water bottles, CO2 cartridge, etc…) necessary for a longer outing so I was […]

Sunday’s Ride (The Good Part)

I completed another 40 miler on Sunday – giving me 82 miles for the weekend.  Not bad.  On this trip I went Northwest to Bristow and checked out a small battlefield at Bristow Station.  The battle took place on Oct 14, 1863 in the aftermath of the Gettysburg Campaign.  Robert E. Lee attempted yet another offensive […]