Cap2Cap Century

The alarm went off at 5:00 am. Through bleary eyes, I checked my phone’s weather app. It was 60 degrees and threatening to rain. The forecast told me this would be the warmest part of the day. Maureen and I got up and began the process of getting our act together for the 2022 Cap2Cap […]

How I Cheated Death At Lake Anna

Yesterday was the first running of the Lake Anna Century Classic.  As with any first-time event, I expected a few hiccups.  It’s hard to work out all the little details that make up a successful event on the very first try. I was not disappointed. The first hiccup occurred at registration, where I noticed there […]

Culpeper County Ride

Many people (including commentors on this blog) advise not to try new things when embarking on a long ride.  This is good advice.  New equipment may not perform the way you expect it to.  New food may not agree with you as you had hoped.  A lot can go wrong with new things and it […]