The 4th Annual Christmas Light Hunt

On Friday night I completed the Fourth Annual Christmas Light Hunt Ride.  Ride membership maintained the same level it has had for the previous three editions.  Longtime readers with good memories will know that number is one. This year’s hunt targeted the newer neighborhoods of Ewells Mill Estates and Hope Hill Crossing.  I found several […]

Christmas Light Hunt

Last night was the 2nd Annual Christmas Light Hunt, in which I pedal about the neighborhood looking to take pictures of lights on houses.  Ride membership remained steady, with one person participating. Unlike last year, when temperatures were below freezing and snow/ice were a factor, this year was extremely mild.  It’s nice not having to […]

Christmas Ride

I’ve never ridden a bike on Christmas Day, primarily due to the fact that I’ve usually lived in places where riding a bike in December is viewed as a symptom of mental imbalance.  However, after a season of cycling I now understand that there is no place too cold for cycling.  At least that’s what all the […]