If you read the previous post, then you have been waiting with increasing excitement to learn of our adventures in Amsterdam. Wait no further, kind reader! I’ve read a great deal about the cycling culture in Amsterdam. There is no doubt that the city has made a major effort to accommodate cyclists and this has […]

The Best Day Of The Year…

  Is the first workday after Daylight Savings Time kicks in. In 1883, Canadian and American railroads imposed their will on a continent by implementing standard time (you can never be too careful when “Big Railroad” is concerned).  Before then, time was a very local matter and the “official time” was usually kept by a […]

Weekend Mosy

I’ve been getting lucky with the weather these days with the weekend weather being the best of the week.  Last weekend was good enough to get in a ride before another snowstorm which shut the city down on Monday.  Things slowly melted during the week until the best weather arrived on Saturday.  So I set […]

UCI World Championships

Only 573 days until the UCI World Cycling Championships come to Richmond, Virginia!  It’s not too early to start getting excited so it was with great fanfare that the courses were announced earlier this week. UCI stands for Union Cycliste Internationale, which is French for “Bureaucracy Which Runs Cycling” (or something like that).  Every year, they […]